3 Reasons Most Diets Fail!

Most people regain the weight the weight they lose on a diet. What is worse is the weight lost is actually muscle and fat but weight regained is all fat, often with a slower metabolism. You must have heard someone overweight telling you they don’t eat that much. They may not be lying. Back and forth dieting has ruined their metabolism.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is not eating too little but EATING RIGHT.

Here are the three biggest reasons most diets fail and what can help you succeed.

Using Willpower

That may have surprised you but yes. Diets or eating less will trigger hunger because you are telling your body and mind that you are starving. Diets make you crave for more food and your metabolism slows down to conserve whatever little you have eaten.

This is why leading weight loss programs, such as Medifast in Arizona, allow you to eat as many as six meals a day. What matters is what you eat. The Medifast meals are balanced, fortified with essential nutrients and designed to help you lose weight while still feeling full and without compromising on metabolism.

Calorie Focus

Surprised again? Counting calories will not help. Instead of simply counting the number, you should watch where your calories are coming from.

It is important to focus on very low-glycemic foods as diet staples. Such foods include nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, grass fed meats, greens etc.

No Routine

Dieting in a random manner will do you more harm than good. This is why Medifast meals are carefully planned, keeping in mind your specific weight goal and current weight and other factors. You eat 5+1 meals every day. Your progress is monitored by weight loss specialists and nutritionists who ensure you succeed.

To learn more about weight loss programs in Chandler AZ, call the leading weight loss clinics in Chandler and Phoenix, Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today!


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