3 Steps for Weight Loss for People over 40

While there are many things that become easier and better with age, there are also things that do not. Unfortunately one of these things is maintaining or trying to lose weight after the age of 40 years. While trying to lose weight is always difficult, it becomes more of a challenge at that point, and for many reasons.

One reason is due to the slowdown of your metabolism, and another is that many people are set in their exercisePhoenix weight loss and diet habits by this age. Lastly, medical issues can often make exercise difficult. However, this does not mean people over 40 can’t lose weight. In fact, they definitely can. Here are 3 simple steps for losing weight over the age of 40.

Learn to Exercise for Your Body and Your Age

While you might see some 80-year olds running marathons and not breaking a sweat, that does mean that everyone can do this. Exercise is not a “one type fits all,” and trying to find the right type to exercise is important especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Part of the aging process involves losing muscle mass, which decreases your metabolic rate. This is one of the reasons that losing weight after 40 is so difficult.

Weight Loss Clinic phoenix AZBy exercising, you can stop this loss of muscle mass and help to maintain your metabolism. Exercise is the perfect solution for this. Exercising regularly at least three to five times per week at intervals of 30 to 45 minutes is important. This will increase the percent of muscle mass that you have, which then will increase or help to maintain your metabolism.

Picking what type of exercise is right for you is also important. Try to do aerobic activities, which will also help your metabolism. Also, you can walk or jog, if running is too hard on your joints. However, don’t just limit your exercise to one particular type. Instead, try to incorporate strength training as well. This will also help to create and define muscle mass, while dropping fat.

Eat an Appropriate Calorie Amount for Your Age

As your body ages, you become less active, and this can cause weight gain, especially if you are still eating a tremendous amount of calories more geared towards someone who is highly active. Figure out how much exercise and physical activity you are doing per day, and then calculate the number of calories you should be consuming.

The Medifast Weight Loss Program has actually done all of that calorie counting work already. In addition, clients are able to eat six times a day. This keeps people full and prevents hunger and cravings!

Making sure you are getting the proper nutrients, like calcium, fiber, and protein is essential to weight loss as well. Without these proper nutrients, your body can’t function as it should, which will make weight loss difficult.

An additional benefit of Medifast is that their meals are 100% fortified and have a healthy ratio of protein to carbs.

Weight loss Phoenix AZUnderstand your BMR and How to Lose Weight

As you age, your metabolism decreases, which also means that your basal metabolic rate (BMR) decreases. In order to understand how to lose weight over the age of 40, it is important to understand what your BMR is and how it has changed. Your BMR will tell you how many calories you are able to burn at a resting daily pace. Understanding your BMR will show you how many calories you are able to eat within a day, while either maintaining or decreasing your weight.


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