5 Reasons why Low Calorie Diets Fail

Many people, who are on low calorie diets, wonder why they stop losing weight after the first few days or don’t lose weight at all. The biggest reason is any low calorie diet doesn’t take into account individual body composition, personal needs and concerns or several other factors.

Read on to understand why many low calorie diets fail.

Fad Diets

Many low calorie diets don’t teach effective long-term eating habits, making most dieters regain the lost weight. 800-calorie diets are not sustainable, especially since they do not offer variety in nutrition and are boring in terms of flavor. That is why effective weight loss programs, such as Medifast in Phoenix, help clients build eating habits that can be sustained with a meal plan that offers more than 80 meals to choose from.

Eating the Same Foods

Eating the same food items, day after day, not only brings you limited nutrition and variety, a restricted diet makes you lose interest in the weight control plan and allows only a few nutrients for your body. These result in lack of proper nutrition and interest in the program, making a person go back to the weight they started with.

Same Plan for Everyone

Weight loss can’t work on a cookie-cutter approach. The same plan can’t work for everyone effectively. Everyone is unique and has different needs and concerns. So everyone requires a personalized weight loss plan. Well-designed weight control meal plans are personalized and that makes them highly effective.

Medifast weight control plans are designed by weight loss specialists after a body composition analysis. The plans are created specifically to suit your body.

Resuming Old Habits

Low calorie fad diets do not help clients make permanent lifestyle changes. Their weight returns quickly and sometimes they reach a higher weight than at what it was when they began.

Good weight loss programs look at weight loss as a lifestyle change, under an expert’s guidance. Medifast weight control plan incorporates a transition and maintenance phase that allows clients to move to their own meals once they have reached their target weight. This ensures that the weight loss is sustained in the long term.

If you are looking for successful weight loss clinic in Gilbert AZ, call Medifast at 602-996-9669. Your counselor can tell you more about the science behind the success and safety of Medifast products when you go for a FREE consultation.

Glendale weight loss clinic, Medifast’s clients can expect to lose 2 to 5 pounds for the first two weeks and 1 to 2 pounds per week thereafter. Measurements such as your waistline measure and how well your clothes are fitting you will also be the indicators of your success.


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