5 Ways to Stay Motivated with Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight Loss- 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Are you looking to lose weight this year? Whether you have gained a few extra holiday pounds, are looking to lose weight after the birth of your child or are simply looking to mold your body into a better version of yourself, you are likely going to need a bit of motivation to stay on course. Consider utilizing one or more of the strategies outlined below to stay motivated to achieve your weight loss Phoenix goals.

  1. Establish Realistic Weight Loss Goals– One of the biggest mistakes made by individuals working on losing weight is establishing unrealistic initial expectations about what they can expect. Most individuals can safely lose between 1-2 pounds per week following the introduction of diet Weight Loss Clinic in Tempeand exercise plans. While you may lose more or less in some given weeks, this is the best target to set out for yourself for lasting results.
  2. Set Short Term Goals and Reward Yourself– Weight loss is a journey! So, to make sure that you stay on point, establish short term milestones along the path. Example goals could be to lose your first 5 pounds, to hit a percentage of your total weight loss goal or to be able to zip up a former pair of pants. Once you achieve each short term goal, reward yourself. The Certified Weight Loss Counselors at Medifast Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale and at the Chandler weight loss clinic help clients meet both short and long term goals.
  3. Establish a Cheerleading Squad– Let the loved ones in your life know about what you are working to accomplish. By stating your goals out loud to those who care most about you, you are essentially establishing a cheerleading squad. Give them permission to encourage you if you get off track; accountability is critical to your ability to accomplish your goal.
  4. Don’t Go Cold Turkey– Just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean that you have to cut out everything that you enjoy eating. The key to losing weight is simple- take in fewer calories that your body expends in a day. So, if you feel the need to eat that piece of chocolate, limit yourself to just one and then make up those calories somewhere else for that day. Successful dieting is all about moderation. If you feel too much like you are restricting yourself, you will likely cheat!
  5. Develop a Maintenance Plan– Successful weight loss is about more than losing those initial pounds; it is about keeping them off. So, to improve your opportunity for success, develop a maintenance plan that includes both dietary goals and exercise goals to implement once you have lost those initial pounds.

Medifast ChandlerBy setting realistic goals initially, working diligently along the way, expecting setbacks and allowing your cheerleading squad to help out, monitoring your diet (but not eliminating everything that is yummy) and developing a long term maintenance plan, you will not only lose the weight that you intend to, but you will keep it off for the long haul.

Weight loss is not only a goal, but a lifelong journey. Those that achieve the greatest levels of success are those that develop and follow a well thought out plan. Medifast Weight Control Centers is here for you, the Centers have Certified Weight Loss Counselors, who work closely with clients on customized weight loss programs while offering motivation, tips and advice.


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