7 Ways to Work off Calories

You need to burn some calories, off but you just can’t find the extra time. So, you tell yourself you will do it later. Later comes and you put it off until tomorrow. Sound familiar? Well, there is good news for people with busy lives. Here are eight ways to work off extra calories while doing your regular routines.

1. Shopping Time

Who would have thought of getting exercise while grocery shopping? You can burn an extra hundred calories during a 30 minute trip in the market. It helps if you know the market and where your items are that you need. This helps you to move at a faster pace.

2. Making It While Breaking It

Break time at work can give ample opportunity to burn up some calories. Instead of driving to get a snack, walk to get it. Be sure to take along some walking shoes to work!

3. Stand Up, Weight Down

Another great idea for shedding some calories while at work is standing up instead of sitting down at work. Just 10 to 12 minutes of standing every hour will help you to burn around 100 calories. Standing burns more calories than sitting. There have been numerous research studies indicating that sitting too much, too often is a major part of our health problems.

4. Clean To Be Lean

Regular house chores can be a great workout, and most people already know that. So, pull your hair back, roll your sleeves up, and give your house that extra special cleaning that it and your family deserve. In the meantime, you will wipe away a whole bunch of unwanted calories.

5. A Garden Will Pardon

Rewards galore! With all the bad publicity of foods with pesticides, GMO’s, and more, a garden with good organic seeds will give you tons of rewards for your body. So, sweat off those calories, stretch, and work your muscles and eat the best of food.

6. Move Around

We need to become consciously aware of our sitting habits. Once we become aware, we can force ourselves to get up and move around and here are the best times. During a phone call, simply walk back and forth while talking. Also, go get it yourself. Instead of asking someone to get you something that you need, get up and get it yourself. Can’t get up? Well at least shake your legs, wiggle your feet, or keep some light hand weights by the desk to use while reading. Just keep moving.

7. Down Time

Consider another couple over for a game. If you have a pool table, think of the calories that you can burn off moving around,Medifast Arizona laughing, and chatting with friends. The same goes with a dart board, and ping pong. If you really want to shed some pounds with friends, take an ATV ride in the mountains, or a simple walk showing off your garden and yard work.



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