A Medifast Love Story

I chose the Medifast program after a friend mentioned it to me and I researched it on their website.  The idea of a daily eating plan which required very little work on my part, along with weekly personalized visits in my Medfast center, sounded perfect for me. The best part was the promise of support for over a year once I reached my goal to give me the necessary tools to keep my weight off. 

After starting, the weight came off consistently every week.  Even though I took vacations while on the program, and occasionally indulged in a meal that was off plan, it was always easy to get back in control. 

When I was 5 pounds from my goal, my counselor, who had been my cheerleader, introduced me to Frank, a client at the same Medifast center. He’d taken off 80 pounds and kept it off for quite some time with exercise and good food choices.

We hit it off immediately, and the rest is history.  I lost 50 pounds and found the love of my life.  Now we are supporting each other in living a healthy active lifestyle. 

My Medifast love story has been a dream come true!



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