A Sedentary Lifestyle Makes you Overweight

With the birth of technology came the long string of inventions designed to simplify our lives. Now more than ever people have turned away from making a living with their two hands and the strength of their backs. Desk jobs are more and more abundant, affording people a confortable living. While this is great for professional lives and our quality of living, it has been detrimental to the average American waistline.Weight Loss Chandler AZ

The sedentary lifestyle most of us have become accustomed to is affecting our weight, and can cause several health complications as well. Sedentary lifestyle has been linked to poor circulation, increased risk of stroke, and high levels of triglycerides. But what exactly makes a lifestyle sedentary?

A sedentary lifestyle is described as when a person spends a majority of their day in a seated or lying position. When a person wakes up and gets in a car to travel to a job where they sit all day, and then head back to their car to travel home, where they sit on the couch before going to bed, this is the epitome of a sedentary lifestyle, and it is one that is all to familiar to most Americans and Canadians today. The problem with a sedentary lifestyle is that it goes against the way the human body was designed.

The human body was designed to consume as little energy as possible in the event that hunters and gatherers would not be able to find food regularly to sustain them.  Fat stores were essential for survival before food was abundant. Now that it is, our bodies have more energy than they know what to do with, and our fat stores are bigger than they have ever been. Combine this with sedentary life and obesity is a real possibility.

To reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, activity is essential. Small activity spikes each day can have big results on your health and weight. The rule of thumb is to get up and move for ten minutes out of every waking hour. This can just be getting up from your desk and standing while you work for a few minutes at a time. Most people find that making a dedicated fitness plan can also do wonders for a sedentary lifestyle.

Cardiovascular exercise plays a vital role in heart health, and resistance training can prevent the loss of muscle as a result of under use.  Stretching and corrective exercises will be required to reverse any Weight loss Phoenix AZpostural imbalances. The best way to stay active is to engage in activities you love. Going hiking or swimming at the beach are two examples of fun weekend outdoor activities that burns calories and keeps you from suffering the ill effects of being sedentary all week.


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