An Overview of the Arizona Medifast Program

The Medifast Weight Loss Program in Arizona

In the sea of popular weight loss programs, it can be hard to separate good from bad, healthy from unhealthy, fact from fiction. New programs seem to pop up and sweep the nation overnight—some more legitimate than others. Among all these newcomers to the scene, one weight loss program has been steady, effective, and popular for over three decades:  Medifast.Weight Loss Phoenix AZ

What is Medifast?

The Medifast program is a meal-replacement plan that leads to substantial, steady weight loss without making clients starve. Clients eat Medifast meal replacement items throughout the day, which are low-calorie and high-protein. They also eat one non-Medifast “lean and green” meal per day, consisting of lean meats and vegetables. The plan boasts a huge variety of meal replacement items, including delicious bars, soups, shakes, oatmeal, eggs, pudding, and more. These meal replacements are typically soy and whey protein based.

If the program is followed, clients can experience weight loss of two to five pounds per week for the first two weeks and one to two pounds weekly thereafter—all while eating regularly, feeling full, and staying satisfied.

With a three-decade lifespan, Medifast has outlived many other weight loss programs over the years. Clearly, it has remained a hugely successful, popular option for those who are trying to lose weight. Medifast has maintained its popularity for a variety of reasons.

Doctor-Created, Doctor-Approved

First, the Medifast program was created by doctors. Unlike some popular weight loss programs, Medifast is nutritionally safe. Other programs may achieve results similar to Medifast, but at great cost to your health. No doctor would recommend eating only one type of food for weeks on end or limiting your caloric intake to just a few hundred calories daily. These sorts of programs are unsafe and nearly impossible to maintain. Medifast offers a healthy program which allows clients to eat 6 times per day, is nutritious and shifts into a maintenance program for long term success.

An Ideal Weight Loss Plan, Tailored for Everyone

Another reason why the Medifast system became so popular is that it is safe for those who have diabetes. The program allows clients to eat at regular intervals, and the foods are carefully created to regulate sugar intake. Medifast remains a popular recommendation by doctors who are helping diabetic patients achieve their weight-loss goals.

Aside from diabetics, the Medifast program can also be tailored for other diverse groups of people with specific needs. Each Arizona Medifast location has Certified Weight Loss Specialists to help customize programs for individual needs.Chandler weight loss clinic

Interested in Trying Medifast?

If you want to lose weight in a healthy yet satisfying way, talk to your doctor about Medifast. Over 20,000 doctors have recommended the Medifast brand since 1980. He or she will help you determine if the plan is best for you and how you can tailor the plan to address your unique needs and goals. You may find Medifast ideal for you if:

  • other programs have left you hungry or unsatisfied
  • you don’t like feeling limited in your food options
  • have special conditions, like diabetes, that make other weight loss programs impossible to follow



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