Association Between Sleep and Weight Loss

Does your busy schedule keep you from getting a good night sleep?

Most people have very busy lives and this translates to being on the go all the time. We wake up and have coffee or tea, have more coffee, tea, or caffeinated soft drinks for lunch and maybe dinner, or maybe have one of those “several hour” energy drinks to keep you going on your busy schedule. What all of this translates to mean is that by the end of your day even though you are tired, you are so wound up that you can’t sleep.Weight Loss Clinic Phoenix

With the average Americans’ hectic schedule it is often so much easier to go through the drive through for lunch and maybe even have some take-out for dinner. This translates to a high fat, high sodium diet, that when combined with a lack of exercise packs on the pounds.

Sleep is the time for your body to rejuvenate itself. If you do not get a full night of quality sleep, your body’s metabolism will slow down and this will cause you to not only gain weight, but to hold onto that weight. Lack of sleep can also undermine a weight loss program.

Lack of sleep can make you eat more

Most people have heard of melatonin, this is a hormone secreted by your pineal gland that tells your brain and body it is time to go to sleep. Light effects melatonin secretion and darkness tells your brain it is time for sleep and to secrete it. But did you know about Ghrelin and Leptin? These are the hormones that tell your body it is time to eat, and time to stop eating.

When you are sleep deprived however, your body has higher levels of Ghrelin and lower levels of Leptin, this in turn causes you to eat more, and eat longer. So when you are tired not only do you eat more, but your metabolism is slowed down and so you do not burn off the calories. This adds up to weight gain and slows a weight loss program.

Lack of sleep affects your metabolism

If you do not get a full night of quality sleep it can have a negative effect on the way your bodyMedical Weight Loss Phoenix processes carbohydrates and regulates hormone secretion. It can affect your glucose tolerance and the function of your endocrine system.

As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that cutting sleep back to four hours per night from eight caused significant changes in vital bodily functions such as: the regulation of blood-sugar levels, energy storage from food, as well as the regular production of various hormones. This all translates to weight gain.

When the body doesn’t properly utilize the nutrients you consume and holds onto them due to an improperly functioning endocrine system- combined with a lack of exercise and improper diet- your body will pack on the pounds.

It is difficult to change our habits, especially our sleep schedule, but if you want to lose weight you have to not only eat healthy, but you have to sleep healthy as well.

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