Five Messages Trainers Want to Share about Weight Loss


Losing weight is one of the most common goals that personal trainers hear from their clients.  Many people, however, approach weight loss with a misperception of what goes into sustaining it for the long term. Here are things that trainers wish their clients knewcanstockphoto1869885 about achieving their weight loss goals.


  • Starvation is not the answer:  By the time a person decides to commit to weight loss, they are typically fed up and wanting to
    shed the excess weight as quickly as possible. This can lead to the perception that food is the enemy, which is absolutely not the case!  Not eating enough food can actually slow the metabolism, making it harder to lose and maintain a healthy weight for the long term.  Eating nutritious, moderately portioned meals and snacks throughout the day is the best way to keep the metabolism burning fat and calories.


  • Working out is not the most important part of the equation:  Without making the proper changes to diet, working out will not result in sustainable weight loss.  Losing weight is dependent approximately 75% upon food intake and 25% upon exercise. Hundreds of weight loss studies have concluded that people achieve the best results through altering their diets.  This is not to suggest that exercise isn’t an important component, however it is much easier to reduce calories than to have to spend hours in the gym burning them. 


  • Trainers aren’t necessarily experts in nutrition:  There are some trainers who go the extra mile to become educated in nutrition, but a registered dietitian studies an average of four years to get a degree. Don’t count canstockphoto4327742on your trainer to be the expert in nutrition and weight loss.  Seek out properly qualified professionals to help you establish and monitor healthy eating habits.


  • Lifting weights will do more for you than cardio:  Many people equate cardio with weight loss, however the experts will tell you that building muscle is a more effective way to burn fat and calories.  As muscle mass increases, so too will the rate at which the body metabolizes calories even when at rest.  This is not to say that cardio shouldn’t be a part of working out and losing weight, but is shouldn’t be the main ingredient if weight loss is the primary goal.


  • Slow and steady equals lasting success:  Wanting to see instant results is human nature, however weight loss of one to two pounds a week is the recipe for maintaining weight over time. While losing weight overnight may at first seem appealing, it ultimately ends in frustration as it slows the metabolism, making it nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight.


Weight loss and long term maintenance are dependent upon the right combination of activity and dietary changes.  It takes commitment to both to see lasting results,  but exercise alone will likely not be enough. The compassionate and knowledgeable professionals of Medifast Weight Control Centers are well versed in what it takes to achieve long term weight loss success. 


Please call today for your complimentary consultation to see how Medifast can support, guide and help you in your weight loss journey.

Change Your Weight, Change Your Life

Many people want to lose weight to improve their health. However, the benefits of healthy weight go way beyond health benefits. Here are the biggest benefits of losing that extra weight.

Improved Energy Levels

Overweight or obese people feel fatigued more often, sometimes even while doing simple tasks like climbing up the stairs. As you lose the extra pounds and your muscle tone improves, such everyday activities become much easier. You may notice that your energy levels improve.

Better Sleep

Sleep disturbances, such as sleep apnea are common in people who are overweight or obese. Sleep apnea is a condition caused due to the excess tissue in the throat relaxing and blocking the airway. This results in a temporary stopping of breathing during sleep. This increases the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Weight loss decreases your risk of sleep apnea. If you already have sleep apnea, your symptoms may dissipate and you would sleep peacefully.

Healthy Eating

Surprising though it may sound, you find yourself automatically reaching out for healthy food when your body reaches its target weight. This helps you eat the foods that give your body the right nutrients.

Improved Confidence

Most people feel more confident in personal and professional lives when they are at a healthy weight.

The impact of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are more far-reaching than only health. Seek a good weight loss program today and turn your life around!

To learn more about best weight loss doctors in Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ, call the leading weight loss programs and clinics in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ, Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today! Medifast meals are clinically proven to provide safe weight loss, without sacrificing nutrition. Developed by a physician, Medifast is a brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

Six Reasons Why Spring is an Easier Time to Lose Weight

The weather is heating up and the days of being able to cover up excess weight with layers of clothing are behind us.  Having a great weight loss motivator like that is half the battle, but the determination to take action and the dedication to stick with a plan are still both needed. The great news is that spring has some natural advantages that make losing weight easier than other times of the year.  Here’s why:

  • Abundant Daylight:  After getting off of work during the winter, the sun is setting and the cold, dark weather makes it tempting to head straight home to curl up on the couch.  In contrast, the plentiful sunshine of spring provides an energetic boost that compels you to keep moving after the workday is done. 


  • Increased Vitamin D Levels:   Having more opportunity to be in the sun increases Vitamin D levels in our bodies.  According to a study done by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, increased Vitamin D levels has been shown to promote weight loss more than just diet and exercise alone.


  • Outdoor Exercise Burns More Calories:   People have been found to exercise more rigorously and for longer periods of time when exercising outdoors.  Spring is a great time to move your workout routine outside where you will easily shed more pounds.


  • Beautiful Weather Decreases Emotional Eating:   Dark winter days can cause emotions to dip along with the temperatures, which leads many of us straight to the fridge for those comforting, but calorie laden foods. The warm, sunny days of spring produce a natural high making us much less likely to rely upon food as a mood booster.


  • Hot Weather Decreases Appetite:  When we metabolize food, our body temperature increases.  Therefore, in the colder months, we are biologically programmed to eat more so that we stay warm.  On the other hand, during the warmer weather the body works harder to keep cool so the appetite is naturally suppressed.


  • Healthy Foods are in Season:  Vegetables like arugula, artichokes, spinach, watercress are in season.  Sweet delicious strawberries are also at their best.  What these foods have in common is their dark green leaves, which are most effective at lowering insulin, which burns fat! 


There is no better time than now to take advantage of the natural ways that spring promotes weight loss.  Start moving toward your weight loss goals right away by calling the compassionate and knowledgeable professionals of Medifast Weight Control Centers.  During your complimentary consultation you will learn how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals more easily than ever.

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How to Identify Fad Diets and Why are they a Bad Idea?

Any diet that promises quick weight loss, using an unhealthy eating pattern, is often referred to as a ‘fad diet’.

How to determine if a diet is ‘fad’ –

  • Does it sound too good to be true?
  • Does it promise quick weight loss?
  • Does it lack food from all food groups?
  • Does it lack all nutrients required for healthy living?
  • Is it not clinically proven?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is ‘yes’, the diet is likely a fad diet.

Examples of Fad Diets

  • Liquid diets

Liquid diets ask you to consume only liquids, such as juices and broth. These diets deprive you of essential nutrients and fiber, that are important for the body’s functioning. Apart from this, once you return to regular foods, the weight would come back fast.

  • ‘Fruits and Veggies Only’ diet

Any diet based on only one food group is too restrictive to be healthy. This diet would be too low in calories and may make you feel fatigued throughout the day.

  • Crazy for Cabbage

Such diets would only help you shed water weight. Once stopped, you would regain the lost weight and then some. Such diet may also cause digestive problems and a lack of necessary calories.

The best solution is to talk to weight loss experts at a clinically proven program, such as Medifast in phoenix and Gilbert, AZ for a customized, healthy weight loss meal plan system.

If you are looking for weight loss clinics or programs in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, call Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today! Medifast is clinically proven to provide safe weight loss. Developed by a physician, it’s the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

The Medifast Buddy System

Would you like to be part of the Medifast Buddy System?


Statistics show that having a buddy when trying to accomplish something makes it more likely you’ll stay committed and will attain your goal.  If you did not join with a friend or family member and do not have that built in support, we are here to assist you in finding a buddy.

Just tell us what you would be looking for in a buddy, and we’ll do the rest!

  • A walking or hiking partner
  • Someone with whom to go to a gym
  • Someone with whom to share weight loss results
  • Someone with whom to share recipes
  • Someone with whom to share how to handle challenges
  • Someone to talk to who is going through the program




**Please ask your counselor for more details**

Quality or Quantity – The Diet Debate

With a growing body of research in the area of diet and its impact on our bodies, we are getting closer to determining what we should eat for optimal health and weight. It is now known that calories matter but the source and quality of calories are equally important in promoting weight loss. The focus should be on eating high-quality foods in appropriately sized portions.

Consider quality, not just calories

“A calorie is NOT JUST a calorie”. Instead of simply focusing on calories, think about choosing high-quality, healthy foods, and cutting out low-quality foods. This is why successful weight loss programs, such as Medifast in Phoenix, AZ, let you eat six meals a day and they are all high-quality foods. This keeps hunger satiated (so you don’t reach for that packet of junk food) and your body nourished.

High-Quality Foods

High-quality foods include minimally processed foods such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains and healthy sources of protein. On the contrary, lower-quality foods include processed snacks, foods high in saturated and trans fats, sugar-sweetened beverages, foods made from refined flour and refined sugar and fried foods.

Researchers at the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health have shown that quality is extremely important in determining what we should eat to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Individual Differences

Yet there isn’t one “perfect” diet for everyone, due to individual differences in body composition and lifestyle. When you consult weight loss specialists at Medifast weight control clinics, they would first take into account your individual differences before designing a personalized weight loss program for you.

To learn more about weight loss programs and to consult weight loss doctors in Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ, call the leading Glendale weight loss centers, Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today! Medifast is clinically proven to provide safe weight loss. Developed by a physician, it’s the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

Six Reasons Not to Let Weight Fluctuations Get You Down

It’s human nature to want to see instant results. You demonstrate perfect discipline by following a healthy diet and exercise plan for several days and then comes the moment of truth.  You step on the scale fully expecting the numbers to reflect your unwavering dedication.  Your heart sinks as you see that your weight has inexplicably gone up. 


How can this be?  Feeling defeated and upset, you vow to further restrict your calories and increase your exercise. Don’t be so quick to react!  Weight  fluctuations are common and can occur for a variety of legitimate reasons. Find out why fluctuations occur and why you shouldn’t allow shutterstock_513483379these temporary setbacks  to discourage you from your long term weight loss goals.


  1. You’ve eaten too much sodium:   Consuming heavily salted foods can cause fluid retention. This is especially true if you are slightly dehydrated, as the body holds on to extra fluid to allow for healthy rehydration. Eating whole, natural foods and less salt can reduce water retention.  Also, although it sounds counterintuitive, drinking more water can help flush excess fluid and sodium from your system, providing a more accurate reflection of your weight loss progress.


2. You haven’t rid your body of waste in a while:   A change in diet may cause constipation and the resulting inability to have regular bowel movements can reflect on the scale.  Be sure to eat a lot of fiber rich food, drink plenty of water, and exercise. This will help your bowels function more efficiently so that you’re eliminating regularly and not feeling bloated and discouraged.


3. You have PMS:  Hormonal changes can cause women to retain between two and eight pounds of water weight during the week before their monthly cycle.  Continue to stick with your weight loss and exercise plan during this time and you should see this excess water weight drop off a few days after menstruation begins. 


4. The time of day your weigh yourself is inconsistent:  A person can weigh five to seven pounds more at night than in the morning.  This is due to the consumption of food and liquid throughout the day that has not yet been fully digested or excreted.  The most accurate measurement of your weight is first thing in the morning after having used the restroom. Weighing yourself consistently at this time will help to avoid frustrating weight fluctuations.


5. You celebrated yesterday’s weight loss:  People like to be rewarded for their successes, so if you see a significant drop in weight one day, it may feel like an invitation to eat more and exercise less the next.  Of course this will only sabotage your long term efforts. Therefore stick to your plan and establish other rewards that won’t hinder your weight loss  progress.


6. Eating more carbs than usual: Carbohydrates, while a great source of energy in moderation, can cause additional water retention. Carbs are stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen and the body stores between three and four grams of water for every gram of glycogen.  This is why cutting carbs can result in a rapid display of weight loss and reintroducing them can quickly increase water retention, presenting as weight gain. 


Understanding the reasons behind weight fluctuations can make the ups and downs of weight loss less discouraging. Avoid the emotional rollercoaster of inevitable fluctuations by weighing yourself only one time per week at the same time of day. 



Medifast Weight Control Centers have a team of expert and caring professionals who can provide the necessary support and education to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Please call (602) 996-9669 today for your complimentary consultation.

Sugar – Avatars Hidden in Plain Sight!

Sugar – the number one ingredient that can lead to a variety of health problems. In addition, it’s addictive. Sugar is also a common food additive that we all need to consume less.


Unfortunately, this sugar is not always obvious in the foods you are consuming. It is often hidden under different names and forms in different food and drinks. In fact, we even consider some of these foods as healthy.


It’s important to know other sneaky names manufacturers are using for sugar. Here are some other names of sugar on food labels.


  • Anhydrous dextrose
  • Brown sugar
  • Cane Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Corn syrup solids
  • Crystal dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Fructose sweetener
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Glucose solids
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Maltose
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses
  • Organic raw sugar
  • Raw sugar
  • Refiner’s syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Treacle
  • Yellow sugar


a food labeled “sugar free” or “no added sugar,” does not necessarily mean that the food is low calorie or carbohydrate free. To know the exact ingredients of a packaged food, the best source is the nutrition facts panel on a food label which lists all ingredients and their quantities in detail.


To learn more about weight loss, call the leading weight loss clinics in Gilbert and Scottsdale AZ, Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today! Medifast is clinically proven to provide safe weight loss. Developed by a doctor, it’s the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

Six Mistakes that Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

There is nothing more frustrating than believing you’re moving closer to your weight loss goal, only to step on the scale and see that you haven’t lost an ounce or worse yet that you’ve gained more weight!  You’re not alone. The great majority of people in the United States aren’t well informed of the pitfalls that prevent successful and sustainable weight loss.  Avoiding the following common weight loss blunders can put you on track toward achieving your ideal weight. 


  1. Eating the incorrect number of calories: Losing weight requires burning more calories than you consume, however eating too few calories can result in loss of muscle and a significant slowdown in metabolism.  A study done in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people were taking in substantially more calories than they reported, which resulted directly in weight gain.  When trying to lose weight, it’s important to accurately measure portions and include every food and beverage that passes your lips.


  1. Believing in a magic weight loss pill:   Let’s face the facts, if there were a magic pill, we wouldn’t have adult obesity rates of between 25% and 35% in 46 U.S. states. The only effective way to sustain long term weight loss is to make a lifestyle change, which includes decreasing caloric intake and increasing physical activity. 


  1. Not drinking enough water:  Getting in the habit of drinking water is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.  Not only does water help to burn more calories, but it also decreases appetite.  Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal or snack. 


  1. Getting less than seven hours of sleep per night: Getting too little sleep has been shown to slow down metabolism and affect the production of hunger controlling hormones. Therefore, less sleep increases  hunger resulting in consuming more calories that are burned at a slower rate.  


  1. Completely cutting out carbs:  Cutting out carbs may initially reduce calorie intake, but it can also leave you feeling deprived of energy, leading to missed workouts and grabbing sugary snacks for a quick energy boost. In moderation, carbs help to keep your energy level stable and your appetite satiated so that you stay away from the wrong foods.

  1. Letting marketing labels lead your grocery shopping decisions:  You may presume that items labeled low-fat, sugar free, or non-fat are automatically going to boost your weight loss. Don’t be fooled by these marketing driven labels. Many of them are unregulated and can be misleading.  Read nutritional labels to be sure you know what you’re eating.

Avoiding these simple mistakes can seriously boost your weight loss efforts, but there are many more tricks of the trade that the experts at Medifast Weight Control Centers can share with you.

Call today for your complimentary consultation to find out how Medifast’s compassionate professionals can help you achieve your weight loss goal.




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