Business Tips that Translate to Weight Loss Success

Although fundamentally, they may seem miles apart, succeeding in business and weight loss have certain common core factors that run parallel to the attainment of each one.

Have a Plan

Any solid business, begins with a clear plan. This plan acts as a roadmap to guide every decision and possible outcome. Likewise, when losing weight, a specific plan is imperative. Having a clear dietary and exercise plan canstockphoto0220623(1)ensures that there are no decisions left to chance. Conversely, not having a clear roadmap can lead to unwanted detours in your progress.

Set Goals

“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” says to “begin with the end in mind”. The most successful people in business are visionaries who have a clear picture in their heads of where they are going. When losing weight, it is also essential to have a specific picture or measurable goal that you can continually look toward. While the larger goal is likely the achievement of a specific weight, setting and celebrating smaller milestones along the way helps to keep motivation high.

Remain Accountable

A plan is only useful if the person or team behind it is held accountable to its execution. Think about how businesses management operates. It is the responsibility of the manager to hold the employees accountable for productivity. Likewise, when losing weight, if you have a team of friends, family and a professional counselor to hold you accountable on a regular basis, you are much less likely to stray from your plan.

Get Support

Successful businesses are rarely made up of one person. It is the synergy and support amongst the team that causes a business to flourish. As in business, there are going to be ups and downs along the weight loss journey, which is why it is vital to have a support system in place. Craig Johnston, Ph.D and researcher at Baylor College of Medicine says, “It’s not to say it can’t be done, but losing weight on your own is very difficult to accomplish”. Recent studies have shown that having a support system in place results in greater short and long term weight loss success.


Losing weight can be serious business, however there is much more than money at stake when it comes to achieving weight loss goals. Physical health, as well as psychological and social well-being are all potentially in jeopardy.

Medifast Weight Control Centers have all the key ingredients to ensure weight loss success: a personalized plan, goal setting, accountability systems, and professional and caring support. Take the first step and call today for your free consultation!


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