Dispelling Popular Weight Loss Myths

canstockphoto12374029For ages, Americans have searched for the secrets of successful, long-term weight loss.  In their quest for answers, well-intended advice may have transformed their hopes to pessimism and their motivation to frustration. Here is the straight story on some of the most common weight loss myths to avoid future efforts being thwarted by misinformation.

Myth #1:  Skipping meals will speed up weight loss. 

It may seem logical that eating less frequently will propel weight loss, but the opposite is true. Instead, it slows the metabolism, increases hunger, and depletes energy. These feelings of deprivation become a catalyst for poor food choices and larger portions that are metabolized at a slower rate.  Instead, try eating several small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.


Myth #2:  Workouts have to be extreme and in the gym to reduce weight.

While a gym workout is a wonderful way to burn calories, it is not the silver bullet to ensure long-term results. Consistent calorie burning, resulting in long-term weight loss, requires that physical activity become a part of your lifestyle. Participating in active social events, parking further away, vacuuming, gardening, or taking the dog for regular walks are all excellent ways to burn calories and remain fit long-term.


Myth #3:  Eating foods labeled low-fat or fat-free will result in weight loss.

These labels are great for marketing to those who are trying to drop a few pounds, but they can often be misleading.  To compensate for the lowered fat canstockphoto17291594content, such foods often contain added sugar, salt and other fillers that aren’t good for you. The flavorful ingredients added to compensate for the reduction in fat may also be densely packed with calories. Always read labels for accurate information on calories and other nutritional content per serving.


Myth #4:  A consistent exercise program guarantees a slim body.

Maintaining a healthy weight while engaging in excessive consumption of the wrong foods is impossible to counteract through exercise alone.  A healthy balance between reduced caloric intake and exercise is a proven way to effectively attain weight loss success!


Myth #5:  Upward weight fluctuations of a few pounds must mean I’m doing something wrong!

It is a natural human inclination to want consistent and quick results when losing weight.  That said, progress is not always linear. There are likely to be fluctuations in weight due to water retention and digestive patterns.  For this reason, it’s best to weigh yourself only once a week and to focus on the final destination versus the small peaks and valleys along the way.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated or stuck in your quest for weight loss, the caring professionals at Medifast Weight Control Centers can help. Call today and let the guidance and expertise of our professionally trained and caring team help you achieve your weight loss goals.

3 Serious Reasons to Shed the Extra Pounds

Carrying those extra pounds can pose serious health risks. Everyone knows that. But did you know that being overweight increases your risk for serious, life-threatening diseases. Losing weight can not only prevent these diseases but also reverse the symptoms of some of these. Here are the biggest reasons why getting rid of the extra weight makes sense.



Body fat and hormonal imbalance are closely related.  University of Minnesota researchers have found that leptin, a hormone associated with weight gain, enhanced the proliferation of both normal and cancerous breast cells. Losing weight can drastically reduce the risk of developing cancer. Weight loss using weight loss programs in Chandler, AZ, such as the one at Medifast, helps you achieve better overall health.



Overweight people are more likely to have diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. Losing weight before the illnesses attack you can help to keep these diseases away. Losing weight is not necessarily a big challenge. One of the leading weight loss programs in Chandler, AZ, Medifast helps you lose weight easily with a clinically proven method.



Obesity and depression have been found to be correlated. The stigma of being overweight and reduced physical activity could contribute to depression. Losing weight helps to keep your spirits high and stay away from mood disorders.


To start losing weight today, call Medifast weight loss programs in Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale and Gilbert AZ, at 602-996-9669.

Now is the Best Time to Lose Weight!

How many times have you said, “I’ll start my diet next week”? Famous last words, right? Well, at the risk of sounding cliché, I will tell you there’s no time like the present and here’s why.

  1. Instant gratification: Although it may feel like it, weight gain doesn’t happen overnight and unfortunately weight doesn’t fall off overnight either. That said, before you lose even an ounce, just knowing that Weight Loss Clinic Phoenixyou’ve made the commitment to lose weight can produce a flurry of endorphins. Feeling good about the direction you’re headed is many times the best motivation to keep you moving toward your goal.


  1. Overcome the self-imposed guilt: Not doing what you know is in your own best interest can be a big downer. When we delay our goals, words of self-ridicule tend to play over and over in our minds like a broken record. Conversely, when we attack our goals with ferocity, we feel intrinsically better about ourselves.


  1. Delay equals greater difficulty: The longer you wait to begin losing weight, the harder it can be. With weight loss, the more we think about it, the greater our urge is to eat. So spending weeks and months contemplating the start of a weight loss program can equate to weeks and months of additional weight gain. By taking action now, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose except for the weight of course.


  1. Reduce health risks: The sooner you begin to lose weight, the less likely you are to jeopardize your health. Every day that you carry around excess weight is a day that you risk acquiring life altering ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer to name a few. When you begin to lose weight, you increase your odds of avoiding these maladies.Scale-image-with-yes-300x270


  1. Getting started is the hardest part so as Nike says, “just do it”! Have you ever dreaded the thought of doing something, only to realize that once you started it wasn’t all that bad? When we stand at the base of a mountain gazing upward, we create a mental story that tells us all the reasons it will be hard to climb. Once we take that first step though, the hardest part is over and the motion that we create propels us forward.


If you’ve been in weight loss contemplation mode, try contemplating all of the reasons why it makes sense to not put it off for another day!

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Weight Loss Clinic Phoenix

Rapid weight loss is a dream for thousands struggling with weight loss. No diets or exercise seem to work. That is because most of the diets and weight loss plans are not created or carried out under supervision of specialists. The highly effective rapid weight loss plan from Medifast in Arizona is a clinically proven and safe method developed by a physician and recommended by doctors. Here are the top reasons people choose rapid weight loss plans from Medifast.


Rapid weight loss, as the name says, is rapid. Typical results on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan are 2-5 pounds per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.


Medifast’s rapid weight loss plans ensure that while you lose weight, your body gets balanced nutrition. Medifast Meals are formulated with low-fat protein and fiber, and fortified with vitamins and nutrients, so you lose pounds and inches without sacrificing essential nutrition.


Medifast rapid weight loss meals and products are formulated with a high Fullness Index especially for you so you don’t feel hungry. You lose weight quickly while learning how to eat a healthier diet.


The rapid weight loss plan was formulated by a doctor in 1980 and has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors ever since. Each Medifast center in Arizona has a team of Certified Weight Loss Specialists and nutritionists, to help you lose weight, look great and improve your health.

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