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Medifast Holiday Reward Program

We all know that the holidays can be a bit challenging when focusing on your weight loss. However, we at Medifast feel that it is the best time to be on a weight loss program. Just think, you can be shedding those pounds while everyone else is packing on the pounds and making “weight loss” their number one New Year’s Resolution. Remember, it is not called a “holimonth” it is a “holiday”, which means a few festive meals through the holiday season. 

We want to be your support through the holiday season and give you an added incentive to stick with your goals and develop a healthier lifestyle. After all, what better gift to give yourself, this holiday season, than the gift of good health! Be a part of our Holiday Rewards Program by following the guidelines below, during the weeks of December 5th through December 30th, and be eligible to win one of the following prizes from our drawing on January 2nd. 

To be eligible to win 

 You must weigh in each week at your center for the 4 weeks 

 You must show a weight loss or maintain, each week 

 You must purchase the prescribed amount of meal replacements 

By meeting all the guidelines of the contest, you will be entered into a drawing, each week, in your center and have the opportunity to win the following prize: 

A Gift Basket including: Medifast vitamins – Super Omega-3, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme and B-12!!! One week of free Medifast Meal Replacements, 1 box of Infusers, 2 Flavor of Home Meals and 3 Snacks!!! 

Call us today at (602) 996-9669 to get started!


Three Reasons to Celebrate Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau


Your decision to head to the gym versus raid the kitchen pantry these past couple of months has been rewarded with the sight of steadily decreasing numbers on the scale each week.  So like any other, this week you arrive for your Medifast appointment feeling confident, happy, and with your head held high. 

As you enthusiastically hop on the scale, your jaw drops and your mood sinks. Your weight hasn’t budged an ounce since last week!  Your Certified Medifast Weight Loss Specialist, who has been supporting you throughout, smiles and says, “it looks like we may have hit a plateau this week”. 

You think to yourself, “how could this be when I’ve followed my food and exercise program to the letter?”.  Well, hold that thought for a moment and keep your chin up, because there’s actually good reason to celebrate when you hit a weight loss plateau.


  1. You’re no longer an amateur. When you begin losing weight, your body is going from one extreme to the other in terms of food intake and exercise level. Of course the dramatic change in your habits is going to have an equally dramatic affect on your weight loss.  However, when your body becomes more acclimated to your new, healthy lifestyle it’s not going to respond as quickly. This is a good thing!  This means that you’re no longer a beginner and that you’ve made major strides in developing a healthy new way of living.


  1. Progress doesn’t always show up on the scale. Because you’ve been eating leaner foods and and increasing your exercise, you’re likely increasing the ratio of muscle to fat in your body. Since muscle weighs more than fat, it’s perfectly logical that your weight would plateau or even slightly increase. When this happens, focus more on how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. The plateau you’re experiencing is likely great evidence that you’re evolving into a new, more fit version of yourself.


  1. You’re in better shape now. As you get in the routine of making healthy food choices and exercising, your body becomes more fit.  The same exercise you did a month ago, may not burn the same amount of calories it did before because the number of calories you burn doing the exact same amount of exercise decreases in proportion to your decreasing body weight.  Therefore, the same 30 minutes of cardio that used to burn 300 calories when you were 20 pounds heavier, may now only burn 250.  This change is a clear demonstration of how much progress you’ve made!


When you hit a weight loss plateau, don’t feel defeated, but rather victorious. This is a great sign that you are that much closer to reaching your weight loss goal!  The compassionate experts at Medifast Weight Control Centers can help you get past this and other hurdles that you may encounter on your weight loss journey. You don’t have to do this alone. 


Call Medifast Weight Control Centers today for your complimentary consultation and let us help you achieve and celebrate your weight loss success!

Goal Setting to Achieve Your 2017 Weight Loss Resolution

canstockphoto6677160It’s 11:59pm on December 31st, 2016. Standing in a room full of friends with champagne glass in hand, you feel the buzz of excitement for the possibilities of the New Year ahead. The crowd begins to count down…10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR! You find yourself feeling elated and bursting with enthusiasm about everything you’re determined to accomplish in 2017. At the top of that list is the resolution that this will be the year to drop the weight you’ve vowed to lose every New Year for the last ten years.

Chances are that each preceding year’s resolution to lose weight began with equal enthusiasm and determination, but somehow dissolved into the frustration of another failed attempt. According to a study done by Statistic Brain Research Institute, weight loss was the most popular resolution for 2017. Yet, the same study shows that over half of the people who make resolutions break them after just one month! The good news is that 2017 can be the year to break that pattern of failure by changing how you set your goals.

  1. Find your why. Without a reason, a goal lacks the horsepower to persevere when challenges arise. Therefore, it’s essential that you examine the “why” behind your desire for losing weight. Identify how losing weight will ultimately impact your life and how you will feel, both physically and emotionally. Then remain focused on your “why” to power through the inevitable hurdles along the path to your goal.


  1. Make a commitment. Don’t just make a New Year’s resolution, make a commitment to yourself. As a person of integrity, you understand the importance of keeping your commitments so mentally frame your weight loss goal as you would any commitment you might make to family or career.canstockphoto7265961


  1. Make your goal SMART.
    1. Specific – Identify the ideal weight you intend to achieve.
    2. MeasurableDecide how many pounds you want to lose over a period of time.
    3. Assignable – Take ownership of being responsible for your weight loss.
    4. Realistic – Set a healthy and attainable goal. Small steps in the right direction are best for long term success.
    5. Time bound – Determine the date by which you intend to reach your goal weight.


  1. Reward yourself. Set smaller milestones on the way to your larger goal and specify the reward you will receive upon reaching each milestone.


  1. Be accountable. Studies have shown significantly higher success rates when one person is accountable to another for their goals. Find a reliable support system to report your successes and challenges to on a regular basis.


The caring professionals at Medifast Weight Control Centers can help you to set healthy, attainable goals and stick to them! Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and make 2017 the year that you achieve your resolution to lose weight.

Arizona Medifast Client Succeeds in 7 Peak Hike!


Arizona Medifast success story Darla (left) has achieved an amazing transformation. She has lost 50 pounds and 67 inches, and stated “I have never felt stronger and more confident, and that never would have been possible had I not walked into a Medifast center!”

Recently, Darla completed a 7 peak hike in one day and placed 9th out of 110 women. It took 9 hours. WOW! Congratulations to Darla, we applaud your success!

Testimonial for Successful Weight Loss in Scottsdale

Sue Babb BA 45# Front (1)

I want to thank you and all the Scottsdale counselors for helping me lose 43 lbs. and maintain the loss for over one year. I completed the Medifast program two weeks ago.  When I first met the Scottsdale Medifast counselor I explained that I had tried every weight loss program under the sun and nothing had worked for me.

I didn’t enjoy shopping and I didn’t look good in anything I wore. My self-esteem was at an all-time low.

Prior to my visit to Medifast my Doctor suggested I try the Medifast program. My health was okay, but I was overweight and did not feel good about myself and found it difficult to get out and exercise. I listened to Mike Broomhead tell his success story of losing weight and keeping it off for over 6 years.

I looked around at all my friends and family and saw that many had heart or back issues and other health problems that were impacted by excess weight – I thought it was time to tackle my weight problem.

Your counselors listened to my story and explained what they felt were the main differences between Medifast and other programs: they assured me that they would help me through the process and were confident I would see the results I wanted.   I signed up and the rest is history.

The counselors all were concerned about my success and offered many many useful suggestions to help me lose the weight. They were VERY encouraging and knowledgeable.

Once I reached my goal we celebrated the occasion with a blue ribbon indicating how many inches I had lost – Yippee – 72 inches — Holy cow!!! .  

They coached me for the next year and taught me how to make GOOD food choices.   They helped me get back on track when I didn’t lose weight or a couple times when I actually gained weight. The maintenance part of the Medifast program is the most crucial part because it teaches you how to make healthy food choices and reinforces portion control and menu planning.

Even though I have graduated, I still plan on showing up every Saturday to weigh in and of course see all the ladies who have become friends.

I also want to personally thank you for the opportunities you extended to me –the Channel 3 TV show, was a blast and really improved my confidence. Broomhead’s show was fun as well – I was afraid of getting so close to the microphone – guess I will have to keep my day job.

Thank you thank you,

Sue B.

Sue Babb BA 45# Side (1)


Five important questions about the Medifast weight loss program

Q1. Is the Medifast weight control program safe to use?

The Medifast weight control program has been developed by physicians and clinically proven at major teaching hospitals.  Several studies concerning the safety of Medifast have also been conducted and thousands of patients have used Medifast safely and continue to do so to date. The Medifast weight control program does not use any substances that may be dangerous to human consumption in any way.Top Weight Loss Center Phoenix

Q2. How does the Medifast weight control program work?

The basic concept behind the Medifast weight control program is a reduction in caloric intake through five special low-fat but nutrient-rich meals that are taken at intervals throughout the day, plus one of their own lean and green meals. This helps clients lose weight quickly while preserving muscle tissue.

Due to this newly reduced calorie level, the body is prompted to break down fat stored in the body, hence resulting in weight loss. Medifast basically works by ensuring that healthy muscle mass is maintained in the process. Medifast meals come in over 85 varieties, and are sufficient enough to prevent the client from feeling hungry, thereby making it easier for them to resist indulging in unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

Q3. What differentiates the Medifast weight control program?

Weight Loss Phoenix AZThe Medifast weight control program stands out due to various reasons. The program does not simply rely on BMI (body mass index) as an indicator of a person’s health, instead it uses the technologically advanced Body Scan Composition analysis system to gain a deeper perspective on an individual’s health.

This allows Medifast to come up with a perfectly personalized plan to suit the unique needs of different individuals. Furthermore, Medifast offers counseling services that focus attention on each person separately and allow them to develop solutions to any obstacles that they may be facing. These sessions are held in complete confidentiality and their frequency can be varied according to a client’s requirements, but generally takes place once per week.

Q4. Are the results of the Medifast weight control program permanent?

Once your target weight has been achieved, Medifast will continue to help you to understand how to sustain the weight through their maintenance plans and by means of specific exercises. Medifast is not just a weight loss program, rather it is considered to be a lifestyle change. This is exactly why Medifast delivers results even once the program is over, unlike many other weight loss methodologies which end up causing sudden and rapid weight loss that often proves to be temporary.

Q5. Who can use the Medifast weight control program?MFSuccess

The Medifast weight control program is designed to be used by both men and women. The adaptability of the program to meet individual needs makes this a one of a kind program suitable to be used by everyone, whether they are in their twenties or their seventies.

What’s more, the Medifast weight control program can even be used by people with highly specific needs, such as people with type 2 diabetes and those suffering from gout. The Medifast weight control program can also be adjusted to fit the requirements of vegetarians, thus making it one of the most widely applicable weight loss program to date.


Why One Weight Loss Program does not Fit All

One common myth about weight loss programs is that one program will work for everyone. Many people think that if their friend lost 12 pounds on a new fad diet, then they will too. However, this isn’t true because not all programs will work for everybody the same way.

It is important to understand how your body sheds pounds and under what circumstances your body will lose the most weight. In this article, we will talk about how and why one type of program won’t work for everyone.Weight Loss Chandler AZ

The Medifast program offers customization with Certified Weight Loss Specialists to help ensure the best results for each individual.

One Program does not Suit All

All programs do not work for everyone for various reasons. First, while all of our bodies basically work the same, we all have different metabolisms. Some people may have a faster metabolism that makes weight loss simple for them, as long as they keep eating healthy. However, that might not work for someone with a slower metabolism, who happens to be a little older. This person might have to exercise while also eating a healthy diet to see weight loss results.

This is one of the main reasons Medifast offers several programs. And even within certain programs, Medifast maintains a significant amount of options to help ensure the program works for each individual.

Avoid Fad Diets

The most important thing to remember when trying to find a program that works for you is that your body and your individual needs have to come first. Don’t choose a program based on what is popular with celebrities now Weight Loss Phoenix AZor what is popular with your friends. It is also vital to understand if the program you picked is working for you.

Since 1980, over 20,000 doctors have recommended the Medifast brand. Over a million clients have achieved success with the program. Fads come and go, but for over 30 years Medifast has been increasing in popularity continuously due to its repetitive success.

Leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University have scientifically validated the program. Client visits occur with Certified Weight Loss Specialists, and each program is customized for success.

Final Thoughts

Just remember that one program isn’t supposed to fit or work for everyone. While all of our bodies function the same way, this does not mean they all lose weight the same way. Understanding what works for you is one of the most important steps in finding a weight loss program that works for you.


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