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An Overview of the Arizona Medifast Program

The Medifast Weight Loss Program in Arizona

In the sea of popular weight loss programs, it can be hard to separate good from bad, healthy from unhealthy, fact from fiction. New programs seem to pop up and sweep the nation overnight—some more legitimate than others. Among all these newcomers to the scene, one weight loss program has been steady, effective, and popular for over three decades:  Medifast.Weight Loss Phoenix AZ

What is Medifast?

The Medifast program is a meal-replacement plan that leads to substantial, steady weight loss without making clients starve. Clients eat Medifast meal replacement items throughout the day, which are low-calorie and high-protein. They also eat one non-Medifast “lean and green” meal per day, consisting of lean meats and vegetables. The plan boasts a huge variety of meal replacement items, including delicious bars, soups, shakes, oatmeal, eggs, pudding, and more. These meal replacements are typically soy and whey protein based.

If the program is followed, clients can experience weight loss of two to five pounds per week for the first two weeks and one to two pounds weekly thereafter—all while eating regularly, feeling full, and staying satisfied.

With a three-decade lifespan, Medifast has outlived many other weight loss programs over the years. Clearly, it has remained a hugely successful, popular option for those who are trying to lose weight. Medifast has maintained its popularity for a variety of reasons.

Doctor-Created, Doctor-Approved

First, the Medifast program was created by doctors. Unlike some popular weight loss programs, Medifast is nutritionally safe. Other programs may achieve results similar to Medifast, but at great cost to your health. No doctor would recommend eating only one type of food for weeks on end or limiting your caloric intake to just a few hundred calories daily. These sorts of programs are unsafe and nearly impossible to maintain. Medifast offers a healthy program which allows clients to eat 6 times per day, is nutritious and shifts into a maintenance program for long term success.

An Ideal Weight Loss Plan, Tailored for Everyone

Another reason why the Medifast system became so popular is that it is safe for those who have diabetes. The program allows clients to eat at regular intervals, and the foods are carefully created to regulate sugar intake. Medifast remains a popular recommendation by doctors who are helping diabetic patients achieve their weight-loss goals.

Aside from diabetics, the Medifast program can also be tailored for other diverse groups of people with specific needs. Each Arizona Medifast location has Certified Weight Loss Specialists to help customize programs for individual needs.Chandler weight loss clinic

Interested in Trying Medifast?

If you want to lose weight in a healthy yet satisfying way, talk to your doctor about Medifast. Over 20,000 doctors have recommended the Medifast brand since 1980. He or she will help you determine if the plan is best for you and how you can tailor the plan to address your unique needs and goals. You may find Medifast ideal for you if:

  • other programs have left you hungry or unsatisfied
  • you don’t like feeling limited in your food options
  • have special conditions, like diabetes, that make other weight loss programs impossible to follow


The Top 5 Benefits of the Arizona Medifast Weight Loss Program

The Medifast weight loss program is an effective tool for shedding pounds. If you have tried other weight loss clinics in Phoenix without success or are just embarking upon a weight loss journey, consider these reasons why Medifast has remained a popular choice for decades.Weight Loss Phoenix AZ

Never Count another Calorie

Counting calories is time-consuming and difficult to do when you haven’t prepared the food yourself. One of the biggest benefits of Medifast is that it has taken care of the calorie counting for those on the program. Medifast’s meal replacement options have been designed to supply clients with the perfect amount of calories that they need to get through their day, feel full, and lose weight. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Options, Options, Options

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s also the key to successful weight loss programs. Medifast offers a wide variety of options for its meal replacement items (over 85), including shakes, bars, oatmeal, puddings, soups, and more. While other weight loss plans constantly remind you that you’re on a diet by severely restricting your options, Medifast clients enjoy variety with their meals. This makes the program easy to stick with throughout the duration of your program.

No Starvation Necessary

Weight Loss Clinic PhoenixStarvation programs just don’t work. When your stomach is growling, you’re irritable, and your head feels like it’s about to float away, it’s difficult to resist raiding the fridge. With the Medifast program, clients don’t have to starve themselves in order to lose weight.

The Medifast system encourages eating at normal intervals during the day so that clients don’t hit the “I’m so hungry I’ll eat anything” point that is the biggest enemy of successful weight loss. Furthermore, Medifast’s meal items are created to strike the ideal balance of protein, fiber and calories to keep dieters feeling full and satisfied until their next meal.

Weight Loss without Safety Concerns

Medifast was created by doctors who wanted to create a healthy, safe weight loss system that clients could stick with. Unlike other weight loss programs, Medifast allows clients to see results on the scale without harming their bodies and metabolisms.

Medifast’s meal replacement items include the nutrients that clients need in order to maintain their health and achieve their weight loss goals. Furthermore, Medifast is safe for diabetics—an achievement that few other weight loss systems can boast. Medifast has programs specifically designed for new mothers,  the elderly, and other groups with unique needs in order to make sure that health and weight loss can go hand in hand.

A Support System for Maximum Results

Medifast does more than just provide food—it offers a network of support services and educational materials. When you Phoenix Weight Loss Centercommit to Arizona Medifast, you enjoy the support from Certified Weight Loss Specialists. These Specialists help you get started, get through difficult times, and reach your goals.


Success Story – Gayle at Medifast Gilbert lost 118 lbs, Drops 16 Dress Sizes

Gayle was a recent client at Medifast Gilbert Weight Control Centers where she lost 118 lbs. She said at work she noticed a co-worker losing weight each week. When she asked how, the co-worker told her she was going to the Medifast Gilbert Weight Loss Clinic and achieving success.

Gayle decided it was time to take action, and with the help of the Certified Weight Loss Counselors at the Medifast weight loss clinic in Gilbert, the results have been outstanding. She has dropped 118 lbs and her dress size is down from a 24 to a size 8!!! Her friends on Facebook have all been asking her “What are you doing, you look great!”

According to Gayle, as you can see in the video below, the staff has been the driving force behind the success with the program. The Counselors provide support, motivation, tips and help you celebrate when you meet your goals!


My OWN Mother Didn’t Recognize Me!

When Larry L. started the Medifast Weight Control Centers program at the Phoenix, AZ location, he did it for three reasons:

1) His middle son got married and he didn’t like the way he looked in the pictures.

2) His sleep was being affected

3) The overall feeling of tired and lethargic

Larry began the program and said the staff provided support and encouragement on his visits. 55 pounds later, his OWN mother didn’t recognize him!


Medifast Weight Control Centers in AZ has 5 Valley locations to serve you including a Medifast Phoenix center, a weight loss clinic in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale and Chandler.

What Makes Medifast Different from Other Weight Loss Plans

Medifast was founded as a weight loss plan almost 30 years ago, and from that point forward, it has enjoyed increasing popularity among people trying to lose weight. With so many weight loss plans and programs on the market, one would feel hard pressed to say which of them really works without trying them all. With Medifast, this is not the case; the program has already been tried by over a million people and its longevity in the industry speaks to its effectiveness. But Medifast is different from other weight loss plans in other ways than just its success, as you will see Weight Loss Gilbert AZright away.

Medifast is clinically proven

Fad weight loss plans tend to gather a lot of attention and many people try them only to feel disappointed and discouraged later. The reason why these weight loss plans do not work is because they are not tested to see if they can really lead to weight loss results. Medifast is not one of these fads; its results are clinically proven, and studies have been carried out by leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University.

Medifast is supported by doctors

Medifast the brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors all over the US since 1980, and doctors recommend Medifast to their patients that are trying to lose weight in a healthy and efficient manner. Not many weight loss plans can claim the same thing. The fact that people working in the medical field are convinced of Medifast’s results is an important plus for trying this particular weight loss plan.

Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers has 5 locations around the Valley to serve clients: Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Phoenix and a Scottsdale weight loss clinic.

Medifast works even for people with health conditions

A diet has to be more than a method to lose weight; it has to lead to health benefits, as well. It is well known that people suffering from certain conditions, such as diabetes, or gluten allergies, have quite a hard time finding a diet to comply with their needs. Medifast has different plans designed to help those with health conditions lose weight, without putting their health in jeopardy.

Gluten-free products can be found among the Medifast recipes, and vegetarians can also find many meals they can eat without giving up on their vegan principles.

Medifast prevents extreme muscle mass loss

Many weight loss plans based on calorie intake restrictions often lead to muscle mass loss. Medifast is based on a higher consumption of proteins that prevents considerable muscular mass in the long run. There will always be some loss of muscle mass, bWeight Loss Clinic Scottsdaleut the goal is to minimize it.

Joe Lost 50 lbs at the Scottsdale Medifast Center! See his story…

Joe Meli recently dropped 50 lbs at the Scottsdale Medifast Weight Control Center. His success story is exciting to hear about as he shares his “ah hah” moment of why he wanted to change his life. As he says, “My wife got her old husband back!” Congratulations to Joe, he looks like a million bucks and the Certified Weight Loss Counselors thoroughly enjoyed working with you!


Medifast Success Story Loses 50 lbs, Interviewed on Your Life A to Z

**Editors Note: Results vary. Typical results are 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter

When an invidual loses 50 lbs, they often end up being a shadow of their original figure. That’s exactly what happened to Valerie Boettcher at Medifast Weight Control Centers in Phoenix AZ. In this interview with Your Life A to Z, Valerie describes her journey, motivation, and how the best weight loss clinics in Phoenix, Medifast, helped her achieve her goals.

In addition, owner Ilyne Fleischman describes the Medifast program, how it works, and the nutrition involved. Medifast the brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. It is clinically proven, safe and works quickly!*


Medifast Gilbert AZ Client Janice Lost 50 Pounds!

Editor’s Note: Results vary. Typical results are 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter

Medifast Arizona owner Ilyne speaks with Gilbert client Janice, another superstar client. Janice lost 50 pounds, 70 inches, and went from a size 18 to a size 10! She discusses with Ilyne her motivation for changing her life, and how the Medifast Gilbert Weight Control Center helped her achieve her goals.

Medifast has five weight control centers in the Valley including Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and Glendale. They’ve got you covered!

New clients of Any Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers receive a free consultation and body composition analysis. Call today (602) 996-9669.

It’ not a Miracle… it’s Medifast!

Medifast Gilbert AZ

Medifast Phoenix Client Maria Loses 60 Pounds! (video)

Editor’s Note: Results vary. Typical results are 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter

Owner Ilyne Fleischman recently had the opportunity to speak with Medifast Phoenix superstar client Maria, who lost an amazing 60 pounds and went from a size 20 down to a size 8. She tells Ilyne how the dramatic weight loss has changed her life. Not to mention how absolutely beautiful she looks!

If you would like to experience the premier weight loss clinic in Phoenix, the Medifast Weight Control Centers would love to offer a free consult and complimentary Body Scan Composition for you, discuss your goals and situation, and customize a Medifast Weight Control Center program specifically for YOU!

Call Today at (602) 9996-9669 today!

Arizona Medifast Owner and Client Appear on Your Life A to Z

Medifast Weight Control Centers owner Ilyne Fleischman appears with client Valerie Boettcher on Your Life A to Z.

Ilyne describes what makes the Medifast Weight Control Center program unique, and Valerie shows off her amazing new figure!

Medifast Weight Control Centers have 5 Valley locations including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert and Chandler AZ. The centers offer a free consult and body scan analysis. Call (602) 996-9669 to get started today!


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