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Effective Ways to Get Fantastic Results while Losing Weight in Arizona

Losing weight is extremely problematic for a lot of people. Most of them normally start with a crash diet that quickly drains their body of energy, leaving them starved, lifeless and dull. This practice deprives their body of all its nutrients and can result in severe health disorders. Yes, it does make you lose weight but it does more harm than good to your body.

On the other hand, losing weight slowly using effective and helpful weight loss programs, such as the Medifast weight loss program, is a much better way to shed the extra pounds. There are some fantastic ways that can aid in getting great results while battling with weight issues.canstockphoto1869885(1)

Calorie Intake Should be less than Calorie Expenditure

When you are on a weight loss regime, you should always remember to use up more calories than the amount you intake. Calorie intake refers to the number of calories you take in your body via different foods, and calorie expenditure refers to the number of calories you burn while participating in different activities.

Try not to consume more calories than the amount you can utilize. If you know you can’t exercise too much, try to limit your calorie intake. One of the biggest troubles that most people face with this practice is keeping track of the number of calories they consume. It is difficult to find out the exact number of calories in all the foods you consume as the portions of different foods tend to vary from time to time. However, the Medifast weight loss program is the perfect solution to this issue. The meals provided in this program have the right amount of calories required by your body and this amount has been calculated beforehand, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

All you need to do now is take part in energetic sports and exercises that will burn all your extra calories and unwanted body fat. Nevertheless, remember not to overdo it; always avoid exhausting yourself too much, especially when you have just begun your new diet.

Keep Your Tummy Happy

Phoenix weight loss centerWhile you are on your mission to lose weight, remember to never starve yourself and always keep your tummy happy. Most people make the mistake of not eating food for seven or eight hours in a row, wrongly assuming that this exercise would facilitate in shedding weight quickly. However, this is an entirely unhealthy approach to losing weight. Medifast solves this problem by allowing clients to eat every 2-3 hours and still maintain effectiveness!

You need to eat healthy foods in small portions about every two or three hours, so that you don’t feel empty or ravenous. The more you starve yourself, the more famished you’ll feel and the sooner you’ll quit your weight loss regime. On the other hand, when you feed yourself after small intervals, your stomach never becomes empty and you don’t get the feeling that you’re punishing yourself.

Medifast weight loss program is perfect for you as the meals in this program are nutritious and provide your body with the right amount of calories that it needs, making you feel well-fed for longer and helping you to burn calories slowly yet steadily.

Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers is offering complimentary consultations so that you can find out how the program can work for you. Call (602) 996-9669 today!

Why Losing Weight Makes You a Better Parent

canstockphoto7414068A surprising study, published by Time magazine, demonstrates that when parents take a weight loss class, their children generally lose as much weight as a class that involves both the parents and children. “The study involved 80 families with overweight or obese children aged 8 to 12. Half of the families entered a five-month education program with kids in tow, while the other 40 families attended parents-only classes. At the beginning and end of the five-month term, and at a follow-up six months later, researchers measured both parents’ and children’s body size as well as the kids’ daily caloric intake and physical activity.”

The results of that study emphasize that not only can losing weight make you a better parent, but just learning about weight loss and nutrition can make you a better parent. Overweight children can develop Type II Diabetes just like overweight adults, and it’s important for parents to take the initiative to help overcome obesity for themselves, and in the process help their children. This sort of proactive approach builds better children and healthier adults because of your example and commitment.

And not only can losing weight help you be a better parent, but just the steps involved in losing weight can help you parent your children better. For instance, remove all the junk food from your home to help yourself lose weight and eat healthier. This is good for both you and the kids. Get rid of all the unhealthy chips, popcorn, snacks, and soft drinks from your cupboards and make life better for the entire family.

School lunches are getting marginally better, but the junk at the office certainly is not. Your co-workers probably bring in donuts, bagels and assorted goodies all the time. So make lunches for both your children and yourself, and be careful of the portion sizes. Your children learn from the things you do, so if you pile it on, they will pile it on too. With Medifast Weight Control Centers, you can take your own lunch with you to work easily.

One of the best things you can do for both yourself and your kids is to play with them. Take them to the local swimming pool, go skiing, rock climbing, or for a hike. Have them go with you when you walk the dog or check the mail. Every little bit of movement helps both you and your children, so get the whole family moving.

The more you can exercise and eat right, the more your children will emulate that behavior and become healthier themselves. Often parents of young children especially, think it will be impossible to lose weight because they are too busy with the kids and work. If you play with your kids, take them on excursions, cook with them, and get them off the couch, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone – lose weight yourself, and have a better relationship with your children. This will help them to grow into healthy, happy adults, avoiding the debilitating ailments such as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure that are caused by obesity.

Medifast Weight Control Centers will help you not only lose weight, but create an excellent example for your children. The program will help you make better choices, and develop habits that will last a lifetime! There are 5 Arizona weight loss centers, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Glendale.

Consultations are complimentary, call (602) 996-9669 today!

8 Tips to a Healthy Work Setting – from a Phoenix Weight Loss Clinic

If you have an office job or a job that requires sitting for eight hours or more, you could be jeopardizing your own health. What is wrong with sitting environments and what tips can you learn to avoid the risk of hurting our own bodies? For example, most people will experience headaches, neck, shoulder, back, and even leg pain. Some will get numbness in the arms, wrist, legs and feet. A few reasons for the above aches and pains in the office include:canstockphoto5687090

  • The most obvious is being non-active for long periods of time.
  • Using the computer typing can cause straining or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Sitting or slumping in your chair can cause poor posture and weak back and shoulder muscles.
  • A stationary position for too long at a time may cause bad moods and a lack of creativity opposed to taking small breaks and refreshing one’s self.

Your workplace is an important part of your life and staying healthy and energized play a big role in your well-being, which affects your job and your home life. You need to find ways to help your body and mind to stay alert, creative, and eager to get the job done. Here are eight tips to a healthier work setting.

1: Adjust Work Area or Desk to a Proper Height

To avoid straining or bending over at the desk, it would be a good idea to adjust the desk to a proper sitting for your body to feel the most comfortable. Many people don’t think about this, but it can lead to bad pains in the back if your desk is not the right height or proportions for your body. You must take control of your work area and adjust everything to suit you.

2: Adjust Your Monitor Position

As mentioned above, you must take control of your work area. Placing everything within reach on your desk is the most essential thing to do. Next, adjusting your keyboard and monitor is important for your typing and viewing. Resting your wrist properly is vital, especially while typing. Having your monitor at a view to where you aren’t straining your neck or eyes is equally important. Also, make sure your eyes line up with the top of the monitor, which is an ideal height to go by. You can find equipment to adjust your monitor at office supply stores. Also you can buy the extra leaf for the keyboard in order to rest your wrist as typing.

3: Book Stand for Reading Material

Book stands are still popular in the workplace, especially if researching or typing from material. We should always consider this device in order to provide ease and comfort. It prevents neck strain due to being able to adjust the material to your eye level. The longer you read, the more important you will find the book stand to be.

canstockphoto152310384: Use a Headset when Talking on the Phone

Have you ever had to hold the phone between your ear and shoulder while multitasking? After a few hours of this, you are ready for the chiropractor. Not only does it cause excruciating neck pain, but this can cause headaches and poor posture as well. Headsets are a “neck” saver, and you will find that they make your job much easier.

5: Exercise Ball instead of a Chair

Another tip, and maybe the most comfortable of all tips, is using an exercise ball as a chair at your desk. It is a wonderful invention for exercise, and an even better one to use in your daily work station. The exercise ball can improve posture and body strength. The ball not only helps circulation of the body, but you are not so inclined to sit slouchy or slumped at the desk.

6: Wobble Board as a Footrest

The wobble board is an interesting tool used in the workstation. It’s a footrest which provides an elevated platform. It helps the legs to rest and keeps them from feeling too much pressure in the back. When you can, stand on the wobble board. It can eliminate stiffness from muscles and joints in our legs.

7: A Power Web

Keeping the hand and wrist strengthened is vital to working at the computer or office. The power web is an elastic resistant web-like hand stretcher. It stretches the muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms. You can even exercise and stretch your fingers with this fantastic device. The power web relieves stress and tension. If you are one to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, consider buying this device, whether you work in the office or not.

8: Taking Mini Breaks

Working non-stop until lunch seems like the respectable thing to do when working in the office with computers, researching, typing, answering phones, and a million other things. However, it is not mentally or even physically healthy. All the above tools or ideas can help, but sometimes, just a simple four minute break with your eyes off of the screen, ears off of the phone or headset, fingers off of the keyboard will help you considerably. Get up, move around, walk to get a drink of water, or just do some stretches. The mini break can give enough pause to the job at hand to where you will feel refreshed and renewed to handle many more hours of work.

Medifast Weight Control Centers in Arizona offers five convenient locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Glendale. The weight loss program offered is time-tested, effective, safe and works quickly. Please review our success stories on the website and call us at (602) 996-9669 today!

Five Top Weight Loss Myths Brought to you by Arizona Medifast

In today’s world, there is an unlimited source of information for mostly any topic on the Internet. This includes one of the most popular topics out there today: weight loss. All you have to do is search “weight loss” on Google, and you’ll get over 250 million results, meaning a “ton” of information. However, not all of these tips and tricks you’ll find online are true or even helpful. Bad tips not only have the potential to keep you from losing weight, but they can also cause you to gain weight. To avoid this mistake, here are some common weight loss myths to consider.


Myth: If I skip a meal, I’ll lose weight.


Fact: While technically by limiting your calories, you will lose weight, it’s not always as easy as that. Skipping a meal will deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to run efficiently and cause you to feel hungry. This can then cause you to eat more at your next meal, and in fact cause weight gain, instead of weight loss.Weight Loss Tips


Myth: Carbs are bad and will make me fat, so I should stop eating them when trying to lose weight.


Fact: There are two types of carbohydrates, known as simple carbs and complex carbs, and both are essential to providing your body with the fuel it needs. You should never completely limit your carb intake. Instead, you should try to limit your intake of simple carbs, which usually comes in the form of sugar. You should try to maintain or even increase your daily intake of complex carbs, such as starch and fiber, because these will help you to give your body the nutrients and fuel it needs.

Medifast meals on the program already have the correct ratio of proteins to carbs for successful weight loss. So there’s no decisions there. However, the Counselors at Medifast will teach you how to make these selections once the program is completed!


Myth: Some people can eat junk food and still lose weight.


Fact: The simple fact of weight loss is you need to burn more calories than you take in in order to lose weight. While some people can get away with eating unhealthy food and still lose weight, this is generally not the rule for the majority. However, these people may not always have this ability, especially once they began to age and their metabolism slows down.


Myth: Fat-free and low-fat are terms that essentially mean the same thing as zero calories.


Fact: This one is completely untrue. While fat-free and low-fat products may contain fewer calories than the full fat products, they still contain calories. Low or fat free are terms that simply mean the amount of fat in the food has been reduced, but not necessarily the sugar content. So it is important to look at the label to see if there is another problem in exchange for the “fat free” claim.


Myth: Eating fast food while on a weight loss program is bad and will cause you to gain weight.


Fact: Fast food is typically unhealthy and does contain a great amount of fat and calories in their products. This is ideally not the type of food you should eat while on a diet. However, fast food restaurants in modern times offer some salads and options that can be allowed.

Arizona Medifast offers comprehensive weight loss programs at 5 AZ locations including Scottsdale, Glendale, Phoenix, Gilbert and Chandler. Call (602) 996-9669 for a free consultation today!


Things You Shoulder Consider when Choosing a Weight Loss Program

A weight loss program is a plan that facilitates you in getting rid of all your unwanted or extra body fat. Whenever you decide to lose weight, you may decide to select a weight loss program. This program should consist of meals that enhance your metabolism, helping you to burn calories Weight Loss Scottsdale AZquicker.

Choosing an appropriate weight loss program is vital for you to lose weight easily and effectively. Here are some things that you should always consider when selecting a weight loss program for yourself.

Safety of the Program

If you are considering choosing a weight loss program that consists of different meals or supplements that must be used regularly, then it is imperative for you to consider the safety element of that program.

Find out whether or not that program is safe for your health and whether it is recommended by healthcare providers. There are several weight loss plans that claim to help you lose weight safely, but end up doing more harm than good to your body.

The Medifast brand, for instance, has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. In addition, leading clinical institutions such as Johns Hopkins have researched Medifast and found it to be extremely safe and effective.

Hence, make sure to ascertain that reputable doctors can vouch for the program you are considering to use.

Helps You Lose Weight Steadily

Make sure that the weight loss plan you are selecting does not make you lose fat through the practice of severe exercises, extreme tips and weight loss remedies. It should be developed according to your body’s personal requirements and should facilitate you in shedding fat at a steady pace.

Weight loss programs that help you burn your body fat quickly work on the basis of techniques thPhoenix weight loss centerat exhaust your body and require you to expend an enormous amount of energy every day, which is often more than the amount advised by doctors. On the other hand, a good and effective weight loss plan would always work progressively at a reasonable pace.

The Arizona Medifast Weight Loss Program offers steady, safe weight loss with Certified Weight Loss Specialists at 5 locations. They will help you one on one with motivation and counseling.

The goals of the weight loss program need to be very realistic and easily achievable. For example, losing approximately two to three pounds a week is a realistic goal that can be accomplished if you are using a suitable and reliable weight loss program.

Guides You on Ways to Develop Better Eating and Exercise Habits

The weight loss program you are considering to adopt must also guide you about various helpful and effective ways to improve your eating habits. Moreover, it should educate you about the significance of making exercise a vital part of your routine.

Unless and until you eat properly and exercise, you cannot burn calories at a steady rate. Good weight loss programs do not just leave you dependent on the pre-made meals; they educate you on eating your own foods.

Most importantly, a good program such as Medifast has a well designed maintenance program that gives clients the necessary following to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Six Daily Steps to Effective Weight Loss

Losing weight can often seem like a huge challenge and most people end up thinking about what they can do to make the process just a little bit easier and, of course, a little bit faster. What many people fail to realize is that weight is not something that will dramatically change over a short Weight Loss Tipsperiod of time or simply because a person has skipped a few meals.

Losing weight requires commitment and willpower, both of which cannot be practiced consistently unless one makes an effort to incorporate them into everyday life. Medifast offers a weight loss program with Weight Control Centers at 5 AZ locations, where clients meet with Certified Weight Loss Specialists to motivate and counsel for success.

Practicing the following tips daily will slowly but surely result in a lifestyle change that is guaranteed to help one reduce weight:

1. The first and perhaps most important step is to recall that weight is directly related to calories. This means that it is absolutely imperative to keep a close watch on the number of calories consumed daily. The idea is to burn more calories than you consume so if you are currently eating more than you require, you must decrease your calorie consumption.

This can be quite tricky as most people do not usually pay much attention to calorie intake in their daily lives. One way to fix this is to keep a food journal and write down everything you eat as well as how many calories it contains. Alternatively, you could also use a mobile app to track your calories more effectively. This can be very tedious and time consuming.

At Medifast Weight Control Centers, counting calories is NOT necessary. All of the calories are Weight Loss Scottsdale AZalready incorporated into the effective weight loss program.

2. The next most obvious step is to take up exercise. You do not need to start off too ambitiously. Instead you can start by setting smaller goals, for example: climbing a flight of stairs a number of times or taking a certain number of laps around the jogging track of your local park. It may be helpful to ask a friend to join you as you can both reel each other back in during times where you feel like skipping your daily workout.

3. In order to lose weight, it is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Do not just watch how much you eat, also watch what you eat. Make it a point to have salad or a simple soup once a day instead of a big, hearty meal. While on the Medifast Weight Loss Program, there are over 80 meal and snack options. All are delicious, nutritious and will leave you feeling satisfied.

4. Have plenty of water and end your heaviest meal with a cup of green tea or another herbal tea; these help to burn fat and speed up the body’s metabolism while correcting your electrolytes. Top Weight Loss Center PhoenixBasically, water and green tea are two liquids that are extremely helpful to cleanse your body of toxins and keep your metabolism working efficiently.

5. Select a household chore that you might enjoy such as vacuuming, dusting or walking the family dog. Do one of these activities daily as this is a great way to get in some extra exercise without having to take too much time out of your schedule. In fact, you’ll be ticking off chores while pumping up your muscles!

6. Lastly, go to sleep on time and get plenty of rest. This will not only allow you to have enough energy to carry out all your tasks, but having a well-rested body is proven to help aid in weight loss.

The 5 Keys to Safely Losing 20% of Your Body Weight

We all know that losing weight is not an easy task. However, with the right approach, you can easily lose 20% of your body weight in just 20 weeks and you can do it safely and effectively. So how does one go about losing 20% of their body weight?

The best part about losing 20% in 20 weeks means that you are only aiming for 1% per week. Take a look at the 5 key aspects mentioned in this article and you will find out that losing weight is easier and more effective than ever.

1.        You want to start by working out your weekly weight loss goal. As mentioned before, you are after 1% per week. So your weekly weight loss goal should be only 1% of your current body weight. You should also work out the amount of calories that you need to be cutting down on. The idea is to consume fewer calories than you can burn. You can make use of a calorie deficit calculator. There are countless websites that provide you with realistic calculations for free.Obesity Sign

2.         Once you are aware of the amount of calories that you need to be cutting, start by eliminating them from your diet. A good way to reach calorie deficit goals faster is to reduce the intake of high-sugar foods like candy and soft drinks. You can also start by checking the calorie count of the snacks that you eat and if getting rid of them can help, start by gradually letting go of one snack item at a time. The ability to make small and gradual changes will ensure that you lose weight safely and effectively.

The great news is that Medifast actually accomplishes the calorie amounts for you, and has great tasting food that moderates the amount of sugar already.

3.        Nothing is as good as exercise when it comes to losing weight safely. Exercise, not only helps you lose weight but ensures that the weight is kept off after losing it. You want to ensure that you spare at least a half an hour to one hour every day for exercise. Exercise on the weekdays and make use of resistance training on the weekend.

It will really help burn calories and will speed up the weight loss process. Remember to change up your training exercise as you progress nearer towards the end of the 20 weeks. In order to ensure that the exercise routine is safe and effective, make use of the internet to work out the type of exercise and training which will work best for you according to your current weight at the time.weight loss picture big pants

–        Ensure that you eat healthy foods only. There is plenty of information available on the internet that can provide you with a guide on healthy food, drinks, snacks and meals. Medifast offers over 85 food choices that are safe and nutritious along with being delicious.

–        Track your progress. Nothing is as important as tracking your progress when it comes to working out the effectiveness of the weight loss routine. Keep a record of your weekly progress. Mention the exercise and training you did that week and how it helped you.

You can also keep a note of certain food items that you feel are playing an effective part. Seeing positive results in front of you will keep you motivated and dedicated towards reaching the ultimate goal. With Medifast, clients meet with Certified Weight Loss Specialists at one of five Valley locations weekly to receive guidance, motivation and tips!

Top reasons to lose weight the Medifast way

There are many options on hand in the market for weight loss programs which promise to help people lose excess weight. While a number of them can be scams, a vast variety of them have also proven to live up to their claims. The question that then arises is what makes the Medifast weight control program Weight Loss Chandler AZstand out from amongst the crowd and what makes it a lifestyle change to keep the weight off?

There are several reasons why one would prefer to lose weight the Medifast way. Let us take a closer look at some of them:

  • The Medifast weight control program is a carefully developed scientific innovation in the field which allows people to reach their ideal weights in a perfectly safe manner. The Medifast meals are 100% fortified and include 25 essential vitamins and minerals, with a healthy ratio of protein to carbs.


  • The Medifast weight control program is simple and convenient. Hence it can easily be used by people with even the busiest of schedules. There are five meals a day which require little to no effort to prepare and come in handy portable packages. The client adds in one meal of his or her own each day, which consists of lean protein and vegetables. Clients can eat the meals at home or out with friends.


  • It can be used by adults, irrespective of their gender and ages. It can even be safely used by people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.


  • It is not a one size fits all kind of program. The first step of the program identifies the distinct needs of each and every client and then a personalized plan is formulated which suits their exact requirements. This ensures that the plan is such that it is easy for the client to follow and brings forth optimal results.


  • The Medifast weight control program offers a truly one of a kind package by providing excellent convenient locations throughout the greater Phoenix area. These locations offer CertMedifast Phoenixified Weight Loss Specialists to provide guidance, motivation and tips.


  • The Medifast program is something that an individual will find easy to follow because there are over 80 different food items to choose from and these come in a large variety of delicious flavors. People who use the Medifast program also do not feel hungry because the meals are very filling and nutritious, and thereby automatically reduce cravings.

Food Pyramid and Weight Loss


When trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to know the proper and healthy way to go about it. There are so many weight loss programs that try to convince you that skipping meals will create the weight loss you desire, but these options are not healthy. It’s also important to understand that if you want to lose weight, and keep it off, learning how to change your lifestyle is the best option.Weight Loss Phoenix


Changing your lifestyle begins first  with altering your food habits. One of the things to understand about healthy eating is the food pyramid, which is a great tool to use while trying to understand how to eat healthy. Here are some ways to use the food pyramid to aid in your weight loss.


Composition of the Food Pyramid


The food pyramid is composed of the six main food groups that you should be consuming daily to be healthy. These include bread, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, and the last group, which should be used sparingly, fats, oils, and sweets. Each food group comes with a recommended daily helping of the certain group. These portions are recommended as a way to give your body the nutrients it needs and keep you full. When trying to understand how to use the food pyramid, you should calculate the total number of calories you should consume each day, in order to stay healthy, while also losing weight.


After determining the amount of calories you should consume each day, then, you can discover the amount of servings of each group that is recommended for you. While many people who are dieting don’t think they need to use the food pyramid, it is beneficial for most people. While dieting, people often cut out large groups of food in order to speed up weight loss. They will cut out breads and carbohydrates or dairy, simply because they are afraid these foods are what created their weight gain.


However, cutting out entire foods groups can harm your body, especially where it is recommended that you receive at least one daily serving of each. By cutting out food groups, you might not be giving your body thWeight Loss Clinics in Phoenixe recommended nutrients it needs to support you throughout the day. This could lead to issues with losing weight and maintaining an exercise routine.


Track your Food with the Pyramid


To correctly track if you are using the food pyramid properly, it is recommended that you keep a food diary and write down what you eat daily. While it is not always possible to eat exactly what the food pyramid recommends, writing down what you are able to eat and what group you often eat too much of, might be helpful in learning how to eat properly.


If you find that you are eating too much bread throughout the day, this might be able to explain why you aren’t losing weight as you should. It can always help you to see where you are lacking, as perhaps you are not eating enough vegetables. Then you could maybe add a serving of vegetables to your day and take away a serving of bread, to help balance out your diet.


While you do not need the food pyramid to make healthy food choices, it is generally recommended. People who use the food pyramid, while trying to better their eating habits to lose weight, find that this method is beneficial to overall health. It almost takes the stress out of deciding what to eat and wondering if it is healthy or not, because with the food pyramid, there is a complete explanation.


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8 Great Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

Many people believe that losing weight is a time consuming and difficult process that can only be accomplished if you have lots of time and effort. While it is true that losing weight can often be a difficult task, that doesn’t mean that busy people cannot shed pounds. Losing weight while running a household or adhering to a busy schedule is easier to do than you think. These 8 weight loss tips for busy people will show you how to lose weight, while you are also keeping up with your hectic life.


Number 1: Limit Cola and other Sugary Drinks Weight Loss Clinic Phoenix


As someone on the go, it’s often so easy to pick up a soda or energy drink to keep you awake and alert throughout the day. However, these drinks hold a huge amount of calories, including a high percentage of sugar. All of this sugar is not good for your body, and will eventually set you back in your weight loss goals.


Number 2: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


Water is essential to your body, even more so when you’re trying to lose weight. People on the go often forget to drink enough water, and this can cause dehydration. Prevent this by being sure to bring water everywhere you go. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day will also fill you up between meals, so that you’ll be able to say no to those doughnuts that are always in the conference room.


Number 3: Pack your Lunch and Snacks


Instead of going out for lunch, pack a brown bag lunch with healthy contents. Not only will this save you money, but it will also help you to eat healthy and stay on track with getting to your goal weight. Also, throw in some fruit for that pick-me-up snack.

The best part about Medifast is the fact that all the meals and snacks are completely portable. They are exceptionally easy, most needing no preparation. Others, just by adding water and placing in a microwave!


Number 4: Cook a Week’s Worth of Food on Sunday


If you make a huge portion of fish or chicken and veggies on Sunday and store it, you’ll be able to eat it during the week.  Having a home cooked meal during lunch instead of a fast food meal will help you avoid excess calorie intake and you will feel amazing throughout the day.


Number 5: Resist Stopping for Food on the way Home from Work


It can often be a difficult situation when you’re driving home from work, stuck in traffic, and you’re hungry. The nearest fast food drive through may be convenient, and can lead to temptation. Regardless, you should resist it. Waiting till you get home to cook a healthy meal or even heating up leftovers will help you to stay on course with your weight loss goal.


Number 6: Keep Track of your Success


Weight Loss Phoenix AZKeep a diary or a weight loss journal of what you eat, how you felt, and how much weight you have lost. Being able to see your improvement will give you encouragement to continue going until you reach your goal, especially on days when things are extremely busy and you feel like giving up.


Number 7: Get Support


Being busy is stressful, and so is dieting. Because of this stress, it is important to try and find a support system, which will help and encourage you. Having a support system like friends or loved ones is something that is essential for every individual on a weight loss program.

Medifast in Arizona has five locations, all of which have Certified Weight Loss Specialists to provide support, guidance and motivation.


Number 8: Get some Exercise


Even if it means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you need to exercise. Physical activity does not need to be done at the gym–it can come in any shape or form. As long as you are moving more than you normally would, you’ll definitely burn calories and lose weight.


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