Control Portion Size, Control your Weight

Learning to control your portion sizes in order to control your weight can be difficult, almost as difficult as losing weight. However, neither of these things has to be hard unless you make it that way. Learning how to measure portion sizes can be very easy to do and will eventually become second nature. Learn how to measure portion sizes, and how learning to control your portion sizes will help you to control your weight.Medifast Phoenix

While on the Medifast program, there is no need to deal with portion sizes for all but the lean and green meal. The 5 meals are pre-packaged and Medifast has done ALL the work for portion control already.

Measuring Portion Size

It is first important to understand how to figure out the portion size of different foods. The portion size of many packaged foods can be found on the nutrition label, coated in the front of the package. To understand the typical serving size, which is also a portion, determine how many calories are in the serving size and how to measure the serving size.

You also must understand that you will not be able to measure out everything you eat. However, over time, you will begin to realize how much a portion of something is considered to be. Until then, it is best to measure out things with measuring cups according to the serving size.

During the transitional part of the program, the Certified Weight Loss Specialists will teach clients how to measure portion sizes and shift from the pre-packaged Medifast meals to the correct portions with healthy alternatives.

Estimating Food Portions

Here are some general rules that will help you to estimate the portion of foods:

  • A women’s hand, balled into a fist, is roughly the equivalent of a portion size for vegetables.
  • A deck of cards is usually the size of a portion of meat, which is 3 ounces.
  • A large egg is usually the service size of nuts.

While these are merely estimates and not exact measurements, they are meant to help you discover the proper portion sizes of different items. To find exact portion sizes, it is recommended to use a measuring cup. However, these will help you while on the go, when measuring portion sizes is unrealistic.

Reasons Portion Size Measuring Helps with Weight Loss

Using portions sizes will help you lose weight for various reasons. These include:Top Weight Loss Center Phoenix

  • It will help to keep you full: By pairing portion size meals with frequent small meals throughout the day, you are warding off cravings and hunger. By not allowing your body to be hungry for a period of time, you do not run the risk of breaking your diet, by binge eating. Binge eating happens when you do not feed your body throughout the day, until you can no longer take the feelings of hunger. By simply eating small portion sized meals throughout the day, you can prevent binge eating.
  • It will create healthy eating habits: Eating small portion sized meals throughout the day will also create better eating habits. Many times, people who have gained too much weight and are attempting to lose it, do not have very healthy eating habits. By learning how to identify a portion size, this will become a lifelong habit, that will not only help you to lose weight, but change your eating habits and keep the weight off as well. These changes in eating habits will no doubt help to create changes in other aspects of your life as well.


Final Thoughts

Losing weight does not need to include limiting calorie intake dramatically or eating new particular food. Losing weight can be as simply as learning how to created portions sizes and eating these portion sizes in small frequent meals. This habit will not only help you to lose weight, but will also help to change your eating habits, but all your lifestyle. The beauty of the Medifast program is the portion sizes have already been taken care of, with the only one being necessary during the program being the lean and green portion.

Changing your lifestyle is an important part of trying to lose weight, because you will then understand what caused you to gain weight in the first place. When you change your lifestyle, you will not only lose weight, but create a lifestyle that will help you to stay healthy and fit.


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