Don’t Lose the Battle of the Holiday Bulge, Prepare to Defend & Preserve your Waistline

Opening your kitchen cabinet, you quickly slam it shut trying to pretend you don’t hear the bags of leftover Halloween candy calling out to you. You manage to walk away unscathed, but open your mail only to receive two holiday party invitations.


Then it hits you, that familiar anxiety that creeps up this time each year. The holiday season is here and so too is the ever-present temptation to binge on the rich, plentiful foods of the season. However, this holiday season doesn’t have to threaten waistline. Make these simple changes below to take a preemptive strike on the battle of the bulge and reign victorious in the quest to maintain your waistline!


  1. Don’t slip into deprivation mode. It’s easy to believe that skipping breakfast justifies your later indulgence in holiday cookies and other goodies. Think again! Depriving yourself of nutritionally necessary meals only lowers your defenses against temptations that creep up later in the day. The best way to equip yourself for this battle is to fuel your body with healthy snacks and three square meals. That will keep you feeling strong so that you can combat any urge to give into the munchies.


  1. Think moderation. Not everything has to be black and white. If you want to taste the cake your colleague brought into work, you don’t have to apologetically explain why you’re unable to do so. Instead, ask for a small sliver. Take a bite or two and savor the flavor. Then walk away and don’t even contemplate a second piece.


  1. Make healthy food a new holiday tradition. Just because people associate the holidays with rich, sweet foods doesn’t mean you should. Be a trendsetter and start a new tradition of incorporating healthy options into the office potluck or party menu. Bring a beautiful platter of fresh fruits and vegetables to munch on. Filling most your plate with healthy choices like these will leave much less room for the traditionally fattening holiday fare.


  1. Recruit an accountability partner. When trying to resist the tempting holiday treats, there’s safety in numbers. Find someone who is equally eager and motivated to avoid the holiday bulge. Commit to talking to this person each day to share your successes and challenges and support one another during your times of temptation. Knowing that someone else is counting on you can make you feel less alone and more motivated to stick with the plan.


  1. Up your activity. Sign up for a holiday exercise program or create your own. Send out invitations to your colleagues or friends organizing a walking club or team sporting event. At holiday parties volunteer to help with set up and clean up so that you’re moving around and less tempted to sit and eat mindlessly.


You can make 2016 the year that you win the battle of the holiday bulge! The caring professionals at Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers can provide additional support and expertise to help you successfully navigate the holidays.

Call today at (602) 996-9669 to defend and protect your waistline this holiday season!


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