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Cathee Lincoln reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star July 14 ·

Medifast has proven to me, to be the best weight loss program available. And the staff at the Glendale location make it almost fun. You really are never hungry and they have the greatest tips to help. Carolyn has given me some great tips and ideas that have just become a part of my normal routine. I am on maintenance and have not had trouble maintaining my weight but I know that if I need any help at all, they are always there. This is a great group of people and I would recommend them to everyone (and I do). Thank you Lori and crew!


Skeet Schmella reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 14 ·

Every visit to the Glendale Center, regardless if I’m up or down in weight, is awesome. Lori and gals are so encouraging and positive. They answer every question and warmly address every concern. I look forward to my visits and you will too. This stuff works, don’t know how, but it does! So get off the couch and come see Lori and the gals! It’s time to take your life back one pound at a time. Oh, and the food tastes great!


Michelle Wipperfurth reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 1 ·

Medifast Scottsdale – the Center Manager, Marie, is amazing. She really cares about your goals, listens to your concerns, offers support and helpful suggestions. She really truly listens… you can tell when someone is just going through the motions and when someone is truly taking an interest in what you are saying. Marie truly cares about all her clients. I had a slow start however am on the road of great progress now. Being able to continue my time in the gym was very important to me. I don’t like “diets” that require you to eat so little and limit your exercise. I love my gym time, that is my ME TIME to decompress from the day, rejuvenate and refresh. To be able to continue the workouts I love to do and still have enough healthily food in my body to keep me from plateauing is very exciting. I didn’t have a ton to loss and I have been defeated many-many-many times in the past on other programs that “guaranteed” results. I would follow to the T only to fail time and time again. I am very happy with the changes that I have seen already in just 2 months. AND it is always exciting when someone sees you and says “You look absolutely amazing!”


Celena Duthu reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star July 8 ·

Currently I am on my second round of Medifast and I was very nervous about joining a second time. I felt embarrassed that I had let myself go after all of my initial progress, and I was scared to face everyone again. That melted away as soon as I walked in the door. Everyone there is always kind and smiling, and they even made sure to have Lori be my first meeting so I had a friendly face to welcome me back. The food is quite good, staff is extremely friendly, and I am making good progress. Medifast is a good program for those who want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start.


Brian Bible reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 29 ·

My wife and I have been on this diet for 4 weeks and we are well on our way to a healthier lifestyle I am down 13 pounds and my wife is down 10. Medifast is the best the office is the best and the support is outstanding


Michael Sean Ortega reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 24 ·

Living the majority of my 20’s overweight and unhappy with my body and activity level, I found motivation to lose weight while in my 30’s with the news that my wife was pregnant with our second child. I had heard commercials about Medifast over the radio for months, and I made the decision to call and come in. It has been 7 months since then and I have lost 75 pounds. It works!!!! The staff at the Gilbert location that I attend have been an amazing support to me and I could not have done it without their help. If you need a change but don’t know how to do it, please call them and your life will never be the same.


Nancy Mae reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 23 ·

I started the Medifast program February 9th 2016 at the Gilbert location. Like many so called weight loss programs I was skeptical when I went to my appointment that day. But that was the day that changed my life! My consultant explained the program in detail and gave me such hope that this program was going to work for me! I signed up that day and never looked back!! The one on one every week with the wonderful girls kept me pumped up and on track. I lost 81 lbs and 92 inches. My neighbor and my husband have since started the Medifast program after seeing my fantastic results!! Thank you to everyone at Medifast for caring about each and every one of your clients!!


Cindi Thiede reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 12 ·

I love this place! All of their food is fantastic and I’ve done great on this program. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to jumpstart their health and fitness!


Elaine Berger reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star June 9 ·

I am very pleased with my experience at the Gilbert location and love the staff! All very friendly and knowledgeable – plus most important is they make a difficult process so much easier and make me feel like I CAN DO THIS!


Carol L Mayhew reviewed Medifast AZ — 4 star June 1 ·

Medifast is an excellent program that gives support and guidance to those that need help losing weight. The staff is very understanding and patient. I love how easy the meals are to take and go.


Diane Jones reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 31 ·

Love everything about the Medifast program, and especially the support of the staff at the Gilbert location. My husband and I have been a part of the program since October 2016, have lost approximately 60 lbs together, and 72 inches. The meals taste great and I would recommend the program to anyone who is committed to losing weight and inches, and to start a new way of enjoying food!!


Carole Collinelli reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 30 ·

Lost 45 lbs in one year! Employees are great and the food is fantastic.


Armando Cano reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 29 ·

Staff at Gilbert location are great & friendly & helpful. The program is amazing , easy to follow, I’ve lost 64 pds. in 19 weeks, feel great , off diabetic medicine , Blood Pressure way down, I will see my doctor in 2 weeks to get off blood pressure medicine. Thank You MEDIFAST!!


Steve Bulger reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 27 ·

I found this program to be very easy and incredibly effective! I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks! My energy level is way up, my blood pressure is now normal and I have been sleeping way better! Each and every person that works there has been both helpful and knowledgeable! Great customer service and an overall great experience!!


Shelley Mardany reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 25 ·

I am so pleased to find a system that works for me. The Medifast food is tasty and filling and very convenient. The staff at the Chandler office are supportive and forgiving (I admit I fell off the wagon a few weeks) and very encouraging. Thank you!


Adam Whitescarver reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 18 ·

I started Medifast in March and have already lost 25 lbs. Love the staff at the Chandler location. They are very supportive and encouraging as l go through this long process. Their help makes it easier to stick with the plan and continue to lose weight.


Ronnie Gray reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 17 ·

This has been a real adventure the last 18 months coming here to Chandler Medifast location. Not only losing over 50 lbs the staff and help me every step of the way. I look and feel as good and I ever have felt. Thanks ladies and the Medifast program.


Robert Miller reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 17 ·

Love the staff at the Chandler location. They are extremely supportive, fun, and knowledgeable. While I didn’t reach my goal, I did great and am thrilled with what I did lose. I am now transitioning and am learning what it will take to maintain my current weight. I feel great and get compliments all the time about how I look vs. a year ago. As far as the product, the plan, and the people… all are amazing and I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight and gain control of their life again.


Stephen Veitch reviewed Medifast AZ — 5 star May 22 ·

Simply, the Medifast program works. I lost 52 pounds and 62 inches last year, and the results have been sustained. I’ve been in maintenance for nearly 10 months now, and can say that my relationship with food has truly changed. The staff is terrific – knowledgeable, encouraging and full of practical advice for navigating the inevitable challenges. I look and feel better than I have in years, and there have been more tangible results as well. The improvement in my BMI and blood chemistry has enabled me to secure a preferred rating on my life insurance and decrease premiums by 25 percent, representing a very significant savings over the next 10 years. Thank you, Medifast!


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