Five Frequently Overlooked Benefits of Losing Weight

It’s common knowledge that one of the primary benefits of losing weight is the positive impact it will have on your health. While this should be enough motivation in and of itself to lose weight, it may help to have some additional incentives. Having knowledge of these lesser known, yet profoundly life-changing benefits of weight loss may be just the motivation you need to begin your weight loss journey!

  1. Improved Social Life

As you lose weight, the physical activities you partake in can become a great social outlet. Trips to the gym and participation in fitness classes can help you bond with others that share a common goal. Outside of the gym, your newfound body confidence will fuel your desire to engage in social events that allow you to mingle with new people. Once you start dropping weight and fitting back into your favorite clothes, you’ll be less likely to concede to another night at home watching Netflix and far more enthusiastic about getting out and expanding your social circles.

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  1. Professional Advancement

Although it’s neither fair, nor right, studies have shown that overweight people are often passed over for promotions, raises, and new job opportunities. Women are even at a greater disadvantage than men when it comes to missing out on career advancement opportunities due to excess weight.  Losing weight can influence your colleagues to see you in a new light and open up doors to new possibilities.

  1. Increased Sexual Desire

Body confidence, particularly for women, is directly linked to sexual desire.  A study conducted by the Director of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas in Austin found that when comparing themselves to a thin ideal, women’s sexual response can be negatively affected.

Doing just 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at 75 percent of maximum effort increases sexual desire by a whopping 150 percent!  So while you’re exercising to lose weight, you can enjoy burning a few more calories in the bedroom.

  1. Money Savings

People who maintain a healthy weight, spend a staggering 42% less on medical bills canstockphoto6960116and other health related expenses than their overweight counterparts, according to a Health Affairs report.  The Center for Disease Control reports that obese people are hit with an additional $1429 annually in medical costs.  Investing in your weight loss now, can save you more money over time.

  1. Improved Sleep

Many studies have proven a connection between weight loss and sleep quality.  Johns Hopkins, found that a group of volunteers with various sleep problems had a significant improvement in the quality of their sleep after losing just fifteen pounds and reducing belly fat by fifteen percent.  Start losing weight so you can stop losing sleep!

The benefits of weight loss are numerous and life changing!  Now that you have some additional motivation to begin your weight loss journey, call the professionals at Medifast Weight Control Centers. They can help to keep you motivated and on track so that you can successfully achieve and maintain your weight loss goal.


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