Foods You Should Never Buy When on a Diet

When you are dieting after successfully completing your weight loss goals at Phoenix Medifast Weight Control Centers, you might feel like you are spending even more money to help yourself reach your weight goals.  After all, diet foods are expensive and fresh fruits and vegetables cost even more.  If you want to slash your grocery bills, but keep up with your diet plan, avoid these foods and find ways around the options to get the nutrition you need.

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Buy Fresh Vegetables

-Gourmet Frozen Vegetables
It is easy to buy vegetables that are frozen and already seasoned.  That way, all you have to do is warm them up and they are ready to eat.  However, when you buy prepackaged vegetables that already have seasoning on them, you cannot control the amount of calories they are worth.

Instead, buy fresh vegetables and add smaller amounts of seasoning.  It will take you a little more time, but it will cost less and it will also be worth fewer calories.

-Pre-made sandwiches
The Medifast Weight Control foods are healthy, economical and nutritionally sound. Once the program is completed, when you buy a sandwich that is already ready for you to eat it, you are paying a lot of extra money for the packaging.  Not only do you have to pay for the convenience, but you will also pack in a lot of salt, fat, and other additives that your diet does not really need.  For the average cost of these sandwiches, you could make several bigger, better sandwiches yourself.  Plus, you can then control how much of each item goes onto it and you will not have as much salt and fat included automatically.

-Frozen Fruit Bars
The Medifast program does not include frozen fruit bars, as there are healthier options offered that are just as satisfying. Buying frozen fruit bars after the program sounds like a great option because you are getting something sweet and delicious, and yet you are still eating something relatively good for you.  The frozen fruit bars, however, are very expensive and you can make better, even more nutrition options yourself at home.  Buy an ice-pop mold that you can use over and over again and get out your blender crush whatever fruits you want.  Add a little sugar and water to the mix and you will have real fruit in your fruit bars at a far cheaper rate.Weight Loss Clinic Mesa AZ

-Energy Bars
The Medifast Weight Control program offers unbelievably delicious nutrition bars. Once the program is completed, it is convenient to reach for regular convenience store energy bars when you feel a lull in your day, but these bars have a lot of calories added to them and they can also be very high in fat and sugar content.

Since they are more expensive than a candy bar, you really don’t need them in your budget either.  When you need a boost in the middle of the afternoon, reach for some nuts, yogurt, or a piece of fruit to save money, satisfy your appetite, and get you the vitamins you need.



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