How a Sedentary Lifestyle affects Weight

by Arizona Medifast

According to the Surgeon General’s Report on physical activity and health, a sedentary lifestyle is damaging to weight loss and health. They claim that this type of lifestyle is responsible for obesity for several reasons. These include:

  • When we sit still most of the time, we aren’t moving, and we aren’t producing energy for our cells to stay active. With the lack of energy and less active cells, our bodies begin to break down slowly beginning with our metabolism. Other factors play into a slow or sluggish metabolism like the thyroid and/or a sluggish spleen.Weight Loss Clinic Phoenix


  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet are both vital to keeping our body in top performance. We must concentrate on ways to help get our mind and body going in order to improve our weight and over-all health, or we may suffer the consequences of an early death.


  • Low levels of activity, results in fewer calories used than consumed, which in turn causes obesity.


A Few Ways to Get Up and Do the bump!

  • Dance – Dancing is a great way to get out of the slump of sitting. Dance in your living room. Sign up for a dance class. Go dancing with a friend.


  • Walk – Walking is an all-time favorite of most people. It’s less strenuous on the joints than say jogging or running, and you can set your own pace and levels of inclines and declines.


  • Jogging and running – After living a sedentary life for a while, start out walking at first and build up to this as long as the joints hold out.


  • Housework – Cleaning the house can have you bending, stretching, kneeling, and using many major muscles in the body. This is a great way to move around plus have a clean house.
  • Walk the dog or dogs – If you have more than one dog, walk them one at a time for a longer workout.
  • Break – If you sit at the computer, play video games or watch lots of television, take a break every 20 minutes if not sooner. As well as moving around, it will help clear your mind.

Remember moving around opposed to sitting and laying around helps contribute to better health and cuts the risks of heart disease, cancers, obesity, among other health disorders or diseases. Exercise or simply moving much more than you used to is a great start to becoming slimmer. Everybody wants to be healthy and have a normal weight.

Truths about a Sedentary Lifestyle

  • No matter the age or gender, all people will benefit from regular exercise.
  • Staying active helps distribute body fat.Medifast Phoenix
  • Mental health is much improved by physical activity.
  • Moderate amounts of exercise will significantly increase good health if done most days of the week.
  • Again, heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer and even diabetes can be greatly reduced by good physical activity.
  • Muscles, joints, and bones all benefit from moving around and/or exercising.

It’s common sense that sitting for too long at a time, too often, will result in poor health and physical ability. It can also affect the mind and memory. Talk with your doctor about how to improve your physical lifestyle and what best suits you.


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