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Body Composition Analysis

The InBody Body Composition Analysis


A person’s weight and body mass index (BMI) cannot tell a person everything when analyzing the body. Looking at weight alone does not distinguish between fat and lean body mass.

The body mass index is simply a calculation using height and weight, so it also does not give an indication of a person’s internal biological makeup. For instance, if a person has a lot of muscle, the BMI may be misleading by showing the person is overweight. It may be that person is extremely healthy though.

Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers uses the InBody Body Composition Analyzer technology, which provides a snapshot of a person’s lean muscle mass, body water and body fat percentage. The detailed assessment is non-invasive and takes about a minute, producing the following measurements:


  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Water balance
  • Skeletal lean muscle mass
  • Muscle development in arms, torso and legs


The Analyzer is a bioelectrical impedence which works by sending current through your feet and hands, measuring water, fat, muscle and a person’s overall weight. This allows the machine to calculate a lot more than just what a scale provides. By looking at a person’s internal makeup as a baseline and ongoing during the weight loss process, Medifast Weight Control Centers and our Certified Weight Loss Specialists can assist clients in reaching their ideal body composition.

With a healthy internal state, the body maintains a well balanced ratio between water, fat and muscle. An unhealthy ratio may result in obesity or malnutrition. During a person’s treatment at Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers, regular measurements are taken with the Inbody Analyzer. This ensures your progress stays healthy and the weight loss program continues to target body fat, not one’s lean muscle.

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