How to Identify Fad Diets and Why are they a Bad Idea?

Any diet that promises quick weight loss, using an unhealthy eating pattern, is often referred to as a ‘fad diet’.

How to determine if a diet is ‘fad’ –

  • Does it sound too good to be true?
  • Does it promise quick weight loss?
  • Does it lack food from all food groups?
  • Does it lack all nutrients required for healthy living?
  • Is it not clinically proven?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is ‘yes’, the diet is likely a fad diet.

Examples of Fad Diets

  • Liquid diets

Liquid diets ask you to consume only liquids, such as juices and broth. These diets deprive you of essential nutrients and fiber, that are important for the body’s functioning. Apart from this, once you return to regular foods, the weight would come back fast.

  • ‘Fruits and Veggies Only’ diet

Any diet based on only one food group is too restrictive to be healthy. This diet would be too low in calories and may make you feel fatigued throughout the day.

  • Crazy for Cabbage

Such diets would only help you shed water weight. Once stopped, you would regain the lost weight and then some. Such diet may also cause digestive problems and a lack of necessary calories.

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