How to Incorporate Exercise with the Medifast Weight Loss Program

Weight loss ChandlerPhysical exercise, as you may well know, is important for weight loss efforts, and it provides important health benefits. This includes cardiovascular benefits, improved balance, and often times more stable blood sugar levels. However, as Medifast is the type of program that is founded on the idea of consuming a limited number of calories daily – exercising may be a bit tricky, especially in the beginning. Take the following guidelines into account when starting your program, to integrate exercise into your routine effectively.

For people that have not been exercising

In case you have not been exercise before starting your Medifast program, it is typically best to refrain from starting a thorough exercise routine for  two to three weeks.

You need to let your body adjust to the new calorie levels and let your metabolism adjust to the program. After a few weeks, start exercising slowly, and stop if you feel fatigued or dizzy. In time, you will be able to exercise more, but do not expect it all to happen immediately.

For people that have been exercising

Even for those that have been regularly exercising before starting their Medifast plan, it is recommended to take measures of reducing the intensity and the duration of their physical activity routine at least during the first two weeks on the program. Weight Loss Glendale AZSlowly increase the intensity and duration of your exercise routine, to get back to the levels before starting the Medifast program.

Take breaks whenever necessary. Drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. While you exercise, you lose a lot of water through sweating, and to avoid muscle fatigue, you need to maintain proper levels of hydration in the body.


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