How to Increase your Metabolism to Lose Weight

It might be hard to watch people around you lose weight as if it were easy.  The truth of the matter is that weight loss is different for everyone because of their metabolism.  If you feel like weight is coming off of your body too slowly, you might wonder what you can do to increase your metabolism so you Weight Loss Phoenix AZcan burn calories faster.  It is important to know more about your metabolism so you can get it working for you instead of against you and your weight loss Glendale goals.

What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism works as a process of breaking down the items you eat and putting them into the energy your body needs in order to operate.  The rate of your metabolism depends on how many calories you eat and what you burn as well as your basic genetic makeup.  Other factors can determine the rate as well such as your age and other health-related items.

When you exercise, your metabolism is usually high.  However, you cannot simply exercise all day every day.  Exercise is important because your metabolism will likely stay high for an hour or more after the session.  Having more muscle on your body from such exercises will also help your metabolism run at a higher rate.

Changes in Metabolism

If you feel like you used to be able to eat anything you wanted when you were younger and now you wonder why anything you eat shows up on your hips and thighs, you might wonder what happened to your metabolism.  Studies have shown that metabolism slow down with age.

In fact, according to WedMD, it can slow down anywhere from 5-10% every decade.  If you continue to eat in the same manner all of your life, you will automatically gain weight just because your metabolism is slowing down.  The good news is that there are things you can do to increase your metabolism to fight off the extra weight.

Medifast PhoenixMetabolism Boosts

Here are a few things you can do to help increase your metabolism so that you can lose or at least maintain your weight.

-Build Muscle
Participate in strength training and add lean muscle mass to your body.  This will help your resting metabolism rate speed up so you can burn 100 extra calories a day.

-Maximize Exercise
You will want to do some highly intense interval workouts so that you can burn extra calories when you are done working out.  After you finish an interval session like that, you will burn another 100-200 calories even if you are sitting in a chair doing nothing.

If you do not get enough sleep, your metabolism will slow down to help your body keep operating as normal.  Make sure you sleep as needed and do not allow the lack of sleep to become a road block in your weight loss journey.

-Eat Frequently
Eating more often will help rev your metabolism as well.  Every time you eat, your metabolism ramps up for a short period of time.  Eating every few hours will help you feed your muscles and starve your fat.  The Medifast weight loss program will allow you to eat frequently with healthy, delicious choices. Make sure you eat nutritious items and you will be able to really stimulate weight loss.

Your metabolism is an important part of reaching your weight loss goals.  The more you understand about how it works, the better off you will be when it comes to losing weight.


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