Is A Healthy Weight Better Than A Happy Weight?

by Arizona Medifast

According to Webster’s definitions, healthy weights focus on health, not appearance. Body mass index (BMI) is one way to tell whether you are at a healthy weight, overweight, or obese. The BMI is a measure of your weight in relation to your height. A happy weight is your ideal weight. Your ideal weight could be the weight that you were in high school or when you felt your best. Happy weight wouldn’t necessarily be a healthy weight, especially as we get older due to changes in the body except in some cases where individuals eat right, exercise, maintain good muscle tone and keep healthy.

Happy or Ideal Weight

There are thousands upon thousands of charts online which measure our “ideal or happy weight.” The chart usually determines our weight, body mass, height and age, then, it calculates this according to body type. Once a good weight is determined for us, we strive to attain it. Many times in trying to attain a particular weight or figure, we set Weight Loss Clinic phoenix AZourselves up to be let down when we don’t reach our goals. With the abundance of diets to choose from and exercise regimes, it’s enough to boggle the mind. Often times, people get frustrated by going hungry and working too hard toward that ideal weight and they become extremely unsatisfied.

“Set point” is a term used by scientists to determine your natural weight. The experts claim the set point is a weight that is easy to maintain, without any or much effort. Our true ideal weight can be maintained naturally, and the weight that we have at these set points can vary up to 20 percent. Set point depends on many factors including our nutritional eating habits, hormonal balance, level of exercise, lifestyle, and of course, one of the most important factors – our genetics.

One of the main goals in obtaining a healthy weight is to lose around ten percent of your body weight, especially for those who are obese. Being obese can be dangerous for your health, and losing the ten percent of body weight would help toward preventing many health problems, such as type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and much more.

Healthy Habits

Being healthy in the long run will probably make you happier if you can be patient and stick to a good lifestyle regime of eating right, exercising, and losing the weight. “Set point” is a good scientific approach to setting healthy goals in achieving a healthy weight. Many people don’t like the set point method of losing weight, but it is by far the best way in achieving good long term results and remaining healthy. Scientists say that going below our set point isn’t natural for our body, and this is the reason many people will Medifast Weight Centerslose and gain religiously until they give up.

When you try to lose weight quickly to obtain an ideal weight, it can mess up your body and minds. Your hormones, which control appetite, will become confused due to the faster weight loss programs and cause your hunger to go up and down, your weight to be up and down, and your health to be jeopardized. Maintaining healthy eating habits along with exercise and a “set point” for weight determination will keep your system balanced and healthy.


We have all heard how to eat right, exercise, stay positive and happy. The key to all of this is research. Learn what foods to eat to keep you healthy, and learn what exercises are best for you.



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