Long Term Weight Loss Takes More Than Willpower

If you’ve ever attempted to lose weight, you know that willpower is key to a successful start, but it won’t be enough to take you to the finish line and sustain your weight long term. As it turns out, getting started is the easy part, but maintaining your canstockphoto20401159weight long term poses the biggest challenge and is a true indicator of your success. So, you ask, what will it take to not only achieve, but maintain my ideal weight? In a word, COMMITTMENT!

Let’s start by looking at the role that willpower plays in weight loss or any other goal. First, it should be noted that we can’t discount the importance of willpower. After all, it is willpower that will helps us to pass up desert when you’re out to dinner. Willpower will get us out of bed an hour early to go to the gym. It may even keep us from having a second helping at the upcoming holiday gatherings. Yes, willpower is our friend and it will certainly be a part of our success, but only in the short term. Achieving lasting weight loss requires that both willpower and commitment work in tandem.

Now that we have that straight, let’s define commitment and how having it can be the deciding factor in our long-term weight loss success. Commitment is to marriage what willpower is to a date. While commitment is tied to a long-term goal or lifestyle, willpower guides our short-term decision making. When we commit to something, our psyche is so intertwined with it and we take it on as an essential part of our being. So, in the context of weight loss, we may lack willpower one day and raid the candy jar, but it is our commitment to the long-term goal that will steer us back to making healthier choices.

canstockphoto7265961Commitments are more likely to be kept because they are typically made more public and therefore bring in a component of accountability. For example, when we commit to a new job we tell our friends and family, we sign a contract of employment, and we convince the decision makers that we will do the job both consistently and well.

Perhaps we can learn from this model of commitment when deciding to lose weight. Keeping our quest to lose weight under wraps and pressuring ourselves into having the willpower to make good decisions in a vacuum throughout each and every day sounds like a setup for failure and frustration. If we let it be known that we are committed to losing weight and yes, perhaps even put it in writing, our odds of succeeding increase exponentially!

Break the cycle of relying only upon your willpower. Make a serious and long-term commitment to your health and happiness by deciding to change your lifestyle. Picking up the phone and calling the caring professionals at Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers can be the first step toward solidifying your commitment. You don’t have to do this alone. Support, expertise, and accountability are a phone call away!


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