Medifast – Losing Weight in a Healthy Fashion

When you choose a new diet, your focus should not be only on how much weight you can lose; you should also think whether the diet is healthy for you or not. Losing weight can be accompanied by many health benefits, but, when it is not done right, it can also bring many health problems. Medifast is a long lasting program and a brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980, even those that suffer from diabetes or other conditions.Diet Center in Phoenix

Carefully designed recipes

Some diets only recommend eating less and then leave you on your own to deal with all the trials and tribulations of your weight loss efforts. Medifast does not do that; on the contrary, the Certified Weight Loss Counselors working for Arizona’s Medifast Weight Control Centers come up with new and exciting recipes on a regular basis, creating meals for you that will help you keep on track.

Medifast meals consist of puddings, shakes, and other powder meals that only need water added to them. It is easy to keep up with them, and, what is even more important, all these meals are healthy, because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and they help you feel full.

Losing each pound at a time

Medifast does not cause you to lose weight all of a sudden. If anything, following the Medifast plan requires commitment, because you will attain your weight loss goal in weeks or even months, depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Weight Loss ChandlerIn the first two weeks, dieters lose between 2 and 5 pounds, but, after the body grows accustomed to the limited number of calories, the weight loss slows down at around 1-2 pounds per week. However, what you need to understand is that weight loss typically doesn’t stop with Medifast. If plateaus are reached, the Certified Weight Loss Counselors can work with you to troubleshoot.

Long Lasting

Weight lost over a longer duration of time is bound to be long lasting. Basically, you will teach your body and your metabolism to act differently, an aspect that is very important for consistent and healthy weight loss.

After attaining your Phoenix weight loss goal, you will be able to return to a more complex diet, but with a lesson learned on what it means to eat healthy. While there are no guarantees on long term success keeping the weight off, this new approach often allows individuals to think differently about the way they eat.


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