Medifast Results: Gradual Weight Loss Is Best

Many people wish for a wonder weight loss program that will help them lose weight overnight. However, such programs, even when they deliver quick results, are nothing but fad diets whose results disappear in a very short time, because they do not focus on changing your metabolism and helping you lose weight in a healthy fashion. Medifast, on the other hand, can help you lose weight consistently and maintain the results for a longer time.Weight Loss Clinics Arizona

Creating good habits

Medifast is the type of program that helps you create healthy habits about food. A quick program cannot help you in this regard. In order to create a habit, you need to do the same thing for a longer time. With Medifast Arizona, you learn healthy eating principles that you will keep after going off the program. This will help maintain your weight loss results for a longer time, as long as you do not stray from what the program allows.

You cannot hurry results

Some people believe that skipping meals is the best way to lose weight, but this is far from being the truth. When you do that, you give your body a signal that a starvation period is imminent; as soon as you start eating, the body will start making reserves of fuel to face the challenges ahead. This means that you will modify your metabolism, by telling it to consume less for the same processes and fuel needs.

With Medifast, things are the exact opposite. By eating more protein and less carbohydrates, you will make your body enter into what’s referred to as  ketosis state, where more fat is transformed into fuel by the body and used for energy. This way, you start losing weight.

How does Medifast do that? Clients are recommended to have six meals each day, which means that the body is fueled with food every few hours. With the fuel provided, the body can use ketosis to burn away the fat in the process. But, when you are skipping meals, you leave your body without the necessary fuel, and you end up with the opposite result.

Long term success

When you lose weight with Medifast, you obtain more than just your weight loss goal. Your Certified Weight Loss Counselor will teach you about the importance of eating healthy, and you will be able to maintain the same good habits after you are no longer on a program. This way, you can become healthy and slim for a long time, something that cannot be said about fad programs.Medifast Reviews



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