Motivation: Is it Enough to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss?

Standing at the base of the mountain, you look toward the top and picture yourself standing proud and accomplished at the peak, but a few minutes into the climb you find yourself breathless and running out of steam. This is where you take one of two paths; you either turn back or find some compelling motivation to push forward.


Motivation is like the ignition switch in your car, it will create the spark to get you moving, but without keeping your foot on the gas you won’t reach your destination. The same is true of finding motivation to lose weight.  The right type of motivation is key, but it is only one of several ingredients that will get you to your weight loss destination.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation:  Studies have shown that the type of motivation is more important than the motivation itself in influencing a successful outcome.  External motivation to lose weight, such as social pressure, will usually fizzle out quickly.  Since you are not internally motivated, the pressure you feel may lead to resentment and weight gain in an effort to show your well meaning friends who’s boss!

Conversely, intrinsic motivation comes from a deeply meaningful place inside of you. For example, if you have a child, you may want to ensure that you are modeling healthy choices so that your beloved child can live a long and healthy life. Psychology Today reported that numerous studies have proven the positive outcome of intrinsic motivation on long term weight loss.  Motivation that creates internal excitement and feelings of empowerment will greatly increase your chances of long term success!

The Right Kind of Support:  Some types of support can be detrimental, even if well intended.  It comes back to being supported for reasons that are personally meaningful to you.  If your significant other “supports” you in a way that makes you believe the relationship is contingent upon you losing weight, this is counterproductive and potentially disastrous.

However, having the support of people who are attuned to your intrinsic motivations proves very beneficial.  Being reminded of your personal reasons for wanting to lose weight and having someone to share that vision with can be key to your success.

Showing up:  No amount of motivation is going to magically get you to your goal.  The bottom line is that in order to achieve a goal such as weight loss, you will have to remain committed, consistent and willing to make change

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Motivation may help to jumpstart your weight loss but, when things get challenging, having the proper support and guidance can help get you across the finish line. The professionals at Medifast Weight Control Centers at our four Arizona locations (Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler and Glendale AZ) can help you to remain focused on your intrinsic motivation as they guide you through a weight loss program personally tailored to fit your needs.

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