See Food for What it is and Lose Weight – from Medifast AZ

When you want to lose weight, food taunts you from all corners of your life.  You find the candy in the machines calling to you and the billboards of hamburgers staring at you.  Until you see food for what it really is, it will be hard for you to cut back and lose weight.
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Over the years, people have put a lot of different purposes and roles onto food.  Food is used to celebrate, socialize, enjoy life and for many other reasons.  Somewhere along the line, it lost its central purpose…to help people survive and get the nutrients we need.  People need to eat in order to exist.  The problem is that food can often taste good and make us feel good so it is hard for us to stop when we have what we need.

Think about your car, especially with gas prices at the high rates.  Do you ever put more gas in your car than it really needs?  Of course not.  You fill your car and then you run it until it is nearly empty before you fill it again.  The human body is more complicated than the car, of course, but if we put the same thought into our food as we do our fuel, we would be much better off.

Food is our fuel.  We need it to keep us going.  If we use it only to keep going instead of for the many other reasons we use it today, we would see the extra weight on our bodies simply fall away.  It sounds simple, but it is much harder to actually put into practice.  In order to change how you think about food, you will need to re-train Medifast Phoenixyour mind and your body every time food appears.

For example, when you have a craving for chocolate, ask yourself, does your body really need chocolate to continue with the day?  Or are your taste buds simply craving something you attribute to making you feel good?  Once you start to think about food on an as-needed basis, you will start to reject it for other reasons.

Just because your friends are gathering in the office around the cake does not mean you have to have cake in order to participate in the fun.  Grab a bottle of water and enjoy the conversation without the food.  You might even enjoy it more since you will have more time to talk.

Seeing food for what it is is not something that will happen overnight.  You will have to work on your thought process at all times, but eventually, it will come naturally and your weight loss goals will seem as if they are within reach.



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