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* Average weight loss for Medifast Weight Control Center® customers is 25 pounds. Medifast Weight Control Center® Customers are in weight loss, on average, for 20 weeks.

When I was at 260 pounds, I was a couch potato. I would just sit on the couch and eat and eat and eat. The hardest part of the Medifast program was just getting started….to get the nerve to make that phone call. I picked up the phone called Medifast on a Tuesday, showed up on Thursday, that was the best phone call I’ve ever made in my life. When I first started on the program, I was losing weight so fast, one of the guys at work said, “you know when it’s real quiet, I can hear you losing weight.” My blood pressure was phenomenally high, I lost my 80 pounds and due to the weight loss my blood pressure is greatly improved.

The support is phenomenal, they hold you accountable. You are not losing weight only for yourself, but for the team”

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