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Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers – Why Does Medifast Work?

Medifast is considered one of the most popular weight loss programs to date, but it is not its popularity that makes it among the best weight loss strategies one can employ. It is its effectiveness, which has already been proven through over 20 years of experience, and the brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors across the US. Medifast Weight Control Centers in Arizona can help you with designing a strategy for losing weight that combines the healthy principles of the program with your particular characteristics.Medifast Phoenix

Clinically Proven

Medifast is not a product that simply teaches you a few principles about weight loss and then lets you on your own to fight obstacles. The program is clinically proven, and it has the client, you, working with Certified Counselors that know how to tailor the system according to your specifications. Using the services put at your disposal by Medifast Weight Control Centers, you will be able to be in the best position to reach your weight loss goals.

With 5 locations in the Valley, Arizona Medifast has customized programs to fit your needs at its premier weight loss clinics in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and Glendale.

Necessary Tests

While a person’s weight may tell a lot about their weight loss strategy, it is not the only thing that counts. The specialists working in Medifast Weight Control Centers calculate, besides the Body Mass Index, other characteristics that help in designing the personalized program, such as the fat percentage in the body and water balance.

How exactly does it work?

Medifast Glendale AZMedifast consists of a simple, yet effective strategy. With 80 meal recipes placed at the disposal of their clients, Medifast Weight Control Centers offer a lot of variety in choosing what to eat. Patients are taught how to eat six times per day (five being Medifast meals, plus one ‘lean and green’ meal), in order to lose weight. During the first two weeks, patients are expected to lose 2 to 5 pounds each week, then witness a steady weight loss of one or two pounds per week, by following the plan.

Special needs are included

Medifast can be used by vegetarians, the elderly, gout sufferers, teenagers and diabetics, as personalized programs are designed by the Certified Weight Loss Specialists working in the centers.

Medifast is a direct approach to weight loss Phoenix trusts, limiting the intake of calories a person eats, so they can lose weight. It is very filling, nutritiousMedifast Phoenix and safe. As the meals are provided with the program, except for the ‘lean and green’ one, it is a very convenient method to lose weight.


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