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Cardio for Weight Loss

In order to help with your weight loss, you may want to integrate cardio into your weight loss plan. This has led to what we like to call the ‘mass migration’ of women from the gym floor to the elliptical. This is a problem because although cardio does have its place in the fitness community, there is more to fitness than a daily Exercise senior coupledevotional on the treadmill.

Doing cardio the right way will produce faster and long lasting results. When planning your workout regimen:

Mix it Up

Cardiovascular exercise can be a very effective tool when trying to shed some extra pounds, but people often over do it, making cardio the cornerstone of their weight loss plan. This will produce some immediate results, but in a short time the weight loss will plateau.

To prevent this, don’t forget to integrate weight training into your workout. Doing this will build lean muscle and torch calories. You will also notice your muscle tone improving, a benefit you don’t get from cardio. You should also mix your types of cardio. Do elliptical one day, go for a run the day after that, a kickboxing class the next day. Try not to let the routine get stale.

Push Yourself

Spending a half hour on the elliptical is a waste of time unless you are actually working. Most people work up a light sweat and call it a day, and wonder why their work hasn’t gotten them any results. When it comes to cardio, you get what you put in. Having said that, you also don’t want to work too hard. This can cause injury.

To find the perfect balance for weight loss, personal trainers always use a target heart rate. Your heart rate shows how hard your body is working. By keeping your heart rate at 60-80% of your maximum heart rate! You will be doing the optimum amount of work for fat loss. To determine your maximum and target heart rate, click here.


Cardio torches calories, but it also zaps your water supply. Many people enjoy the feeling of lightness after a particularly sweaty gym day because they lost a significant amount of water weight.Top Weight Loss Center Phoenix

While this may seem like a success, if the water you lost does not get replenished, your metabolism will slow to a crawl, and you will burn much fewer calories over the course of the day. A dehydrated body does not perform its normal functions at optimum levels. Staying hydrated is essential for weight loss.

A great way to track your effort is through a heart rate monitor. This way you can ensure that you are maintaining your target heart rate on the go. For more ways to bring your cardio up to the next level check the class schedule at your gym. They should have a wide variety of cardio classes to mix up your routine. Zumba ™ and Bodypump ™ are both fun and challenging options for anyone ranging from beginner to expert in ability.

While participating  in the Medifast Weight Loss Program, it can be very helpful to participate in a cardio program. While it is not vital to achieve weight loss with the Medifast program, it will help facilitate it.


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