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Lesser Known Detriments of Being Overweight

When people think about the risks of being overweight, medical issues such as heart attacks and diabetes frequently come to mind first. What many don’t realize though, is that there are a multitude of other less talked about health risks correlated with excess weight. Probably the least acknowledged issues associated with obesity are the financial and social pitfalls. Let’s Migraine headachestake a look at some of the lesser known, but equally impactful detriments of being overweight.

Health Risks:

Being overweight can be a real headache, both figuratively and literally. In a survey conducted by Johns Hopkins it was found that the higher a person’s body mass index, the greater their chances of having migraines.

The Vice Chairman of Preventive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, stated that obese people are at higher risk for all cancers. He stated, “It could be that excess fat cells increase hormonal activity or they increase growth factors that lead to tumor growth.”

Obesity increases the chances of infertility. Consequently, many infertility clinics refuse to accept women with high body mass indexes, due to their diminished odds of conceiving.

If able to conceive, potential complications such as pre-term birth are a high risk for those who Weight Loss Scottsdaleare overweight. The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that obesity increases a woman’s chance of having a pre-term baby, especially when her body mass index is 35 or higher. 

Dr. Donald Hensrud, of the Mayo Clinic, said one of the most immediate health dangers for many obese people is sleep apnea. This condition causes a person to gasp or stop breathing momentarily while asleep.

Other ailments correlated with obesity include asthma, neuropathy, arthritis, chronic kidney disease and heart failure.

Social Stigma:       

A Yale study established that weight is the number one reason people are bullied at any age and those who are bullied have lower self-esteem, higher levels of depression and increased risk of suicide. The most prevalent source of bullying often comes from one’s own family.

Surprisingly, the second most common source of shame comes from medical doctors. The Yale study found that 67 percent of overweight men and women report being shamed or bullied in the doctor’s office.

Financial Impact:

Overweight men and women both undergo financial discrimination in the workplace. In particular, women have proven to be more greatly impacted. A University of Florida study, found that women who weighed 25 pounds less than the group average, earned $15,572 a year more than women of normal weight. In opposition to this, women 25 pounds above the average weight earned an average of $13,847 less than an average-weight female.

Excess weight can be the catalyst for many concerns including health, self-esteem, social interactions, and career advancement. Taking control of your weight can be a life changing decision and one that can open the doors to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

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