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How Does Your Body Deal with Excess Calories?

Many people today focus on the idea of calorie equilibrium. This is a concept that in order to be healthy you have to count calories and keep the calories you intake to the same as the calories you burn.

But the catch is this: a calorie burned whether through sleep or exercise is a calorie burned. But not all canstockphoto7923164calories are the same. Some have large repercussions on your body compared to others, and many people are unaware of the differences or what they can do to prevent the serious ramifications of harmful calories.

When your body has excess calories, in general, it deals with it by converting them into fat or insulin. But it is important to note that not all calories are equal. Consuming 150 calories in almonds is vastly different inside of your body compared to consuming 150 calories in a Coke.

With the Coke, it is a large amount of sugar, almost more than the 6-9 tablespoons per day recommended by the American Heart Association. The large amount of sugar reaches your liver immediately and because there is no fiber in the Coke, like there would be in natural foods that contain sugar like fruits and vegetables, the liver converts it into fat and your insulin rates increase.

What many people fail to realize is that the body processes different things in different fashions. If you consume a piece of fruit, you get natural sugars, which are processed the same way in your body as manufactured sugars like high fructose corn syrup.

But the difference is that when you obtain fruit through natural sources, your body also gets the fiber that goes with it. When this happens, your body slowly breaks down the sugar in the liver, and does not break it all down immediately. When it does not have to break down and process all of the sugar you consume at once, the liver is not overworked. Therefore, the pancreas does not have to step in and the insulin rates in your body do not spike, nor are the increased insulin spikes converted into fat cells stored in your body.

To put things into perspective, it takes much more work to burn off calories consumed through fast food, sodas, or sweets compared to healthy, whole foods, plant based items.

For example:

To burn off one coke, you have to bike for an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes.Top Weight Loss Center Phoenix

To burn off one cookie, you need an average of 20 minutes of jogging.

To burn off 1 medium size French fry box from McDonald’s, you have to swim for an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

*These facts are from http://answermetrue.com (exact time frames will vary somewhat based on an individual’s size).

Many people do not have the time they need to burn off the calories from such foods and as a result, their body ends up storing the calories rather than burning them off and converting them into useful energy.

Unfortunately, this is a slippery slope, one which often results in higher and higher fat storage in the body, and less consumption of good calories. But by learning the difference, you can stop your calories from being converted into fat cells.

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