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Success Story – Gayle at Medifast Gilbert lost 118 lbs, Drops 16 Dress Sizes

Gayle was a recent client at Medifast Gilbert Weight Control Centers where she lost 118 lbs. She said at work she noticed a co-worker losing weight each week. When she asked how, the co-worker told her she was going to the Medifast Gilbert Weight Loss Clinic and achieving success.

Gayle decided it was time to take action, and with the help of the Certified Weight Loss Counselors at the Medifast weight loss clinic in Gilbert, the results have been outstanding. She has dropped 118 lbs and her dress size is down from a 24 to a size 8!!! Her friends on Facebook have all been asking her “What are you doing, you look great!”

According to Gayle, as you can see in the video below, the staff has been the driving force behind the success with the program. The Counselors provide support, motivation, tips and help you celebrate when you meet your goals!



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