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Facts about Obesity and Weight Loss

With so much obesity and weight loss advice available virtually everywhere, it can be difficult to set apart truth from fiction. Myths are perpetuated, and when individuals fail in acquiring the desired weight loss, they become less motivated and downright disappointed. To avoid such things from happening to you, you need to learn about certain facts about obesity and weight loss that will help you sort out fact from fiction.Weight Loss Clinics Arizona

Genes are not everything

Many tend to think that genes play an important factor in obesity. For instance, if your parents were obese, you have little chance to have normal weight. However, genes are not everything. Your habits also play an important part, and you can do something about them.

Physical activity is essential

Losing weight requires a combination of diet and weight loss, but physical activity alone may be insufficient. The physical activity does not need to include running marathons or Olympic powerlifting. It can include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking a bit every day.

Create habits for a lifetime

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, certain weight loss guidelines regarding lifestyle and diet must be followed for a lifetime. Once you give up on them, and you start eating fat rich foods, sweets and you prefer a sedentary lifestyle, all your gains will be thrown off the window, and you will gain weight back again. That’s one of the things that separates the Medifast program from others. The certified weight loss counselors teach clients how to eat healthy during the transition phase, which increases the chances of success considerably long term.Arizona weight loss

Ready made meals are a good solution

One reason why certain weight loss programs, such as Medifast Arizona, are successful in helping people lose weight is that they provide their clients with ready made meals instead of just offering them advice on what to eat. There are far fewer chances of giving up to temptation if you have the meals assured. Of course, it helps when the meals taste as good as the Medifast food!


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