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Why Fat Free is Not the Way to Eat When Losing Weight

Far too many people today are concerned with fat. Fat is a fad. Every few years there’s a new nutritional fad that comes on the market. Sometimes it’s the no carb diet. Sometimes it’s the no fat diet. Sometimes it’s anything in between it’s no white food or no salty food or no dressing or only salad. Whatever form the new bad arrives in, it is simply the same game.

canstockphoto6988825Today the current fad is gluten-free. But pay attention to the labels of what food products you are buying. You may not realize it but everything on the market today offer some form of fat-free alternative. This came about when the First Lady, Michelle Obama, created a program to improve the food that is served to children and get them to exercise. The negative press that this was causing for many of the food production companies caused them to Fake interest and support in this movement. They did this by agreeing to remove a certain number of calories from the marketplace. That is what the press covered. But the problem is that they did not remove calories. Instead, they simply created fat-free versions of everything that they still produce and put on the shelves today. If you look in your store you will see that there is a regular Coke and a fat-free or Coke zero. You will see that there is a regular packet of Oreo cookies and there is a reduced fat version of Oreo cookies.

Losing WeightIf you look closely you will see that all they really did was reduce on average every item on the shelf by 10 calories. but what is really tricky is that they took out the fat or reduce the fat which makes the food taste very bad. To compensate for knowing that their food would taste bad when they removed the fat these companies added massive amounts of sugar and salt. Add a massive amount of sugar they also worked with current legislation to remove the daily value percentage of sugar from all nutritional labels. If you look carefully on any food nutritional label you will see that across from calories, fats, salt, and any other ingredients to list the percentage of your daily value which that item makes up. You will see that something has 120 g of salt which constitutes 12% of your daily value, for example. But what you will not see anymore is what percentage of the daily value sugar takes. By not being able to see that the double, triple, and sometimes quadrupled amounts of sugar in the products amount to access percentages of your daily value far beyond what you should consume in any single day, you are tricked into believing that fat-free items will help you lose weight. But what you don’t realize is that just because something is fat does not mean it’s healthy and will help you to lose fat.


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