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Five important questions about the Medifast weight loss program

Q1. Is the Medifast weight control program safe to use?

The Medifast weight control program has been developed by physicians and clinically proven at major teaching hospitals.  Several studies concerning the safety of Medifast have also been conducted and thousands of patients have used Medifast safely and continue to do so to date. The Medifast weight control program does not use any substances that may be dangerous to human consumption in any way.Top Weight Loss Center Phoenix

Q2. How does the Medifast weight control program work?

The basic concept behind the Medifast weight control program is a reduction in caloric intake through five special low-fat but nutrient-rich meals that are taken at intervals throughout the day, plus one of their own lean and green meals. This helps clients lose weight quickly while preserving muscle tissue.

Due to this newly reduced calorie level, the body is prompted to break down fat stored in the body, hence resulting in weight loss. Medifast basically works by ensuring that healthy muscle mass is maintained in the process. Medifast meals come in over 85 varieties, and are sufficient enough to prevent the client from feeling hungry, thereby making it easier for them to resist indulging in unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

Q3. What differentiates the Medifast weight control program?

Weight Loss Phoenix AZThe Medifast weight control program stands out due to various reasons. The program does not simply rely on BMI (body mass index) as an indicator of a person’s health, instead it uses the technologically advanced Body Scan Composition analysis system to gain a deeper perspective on an individual’s health.

This allows Medifast to come up with a perfectly personalized plan to suit the unique needs of different individuals. Furthermore, Medifast offers counseling services that focus attention on each person separately and allow them to develop solutions to any obstacles that they may be facing. These sessions are held in complete confidentiality and their frequency can be varied according to a client’s requirements, but generally takes place once per week.

Q4. Are the results of the Medifast weight control program permanent?

Once your target weight has been achieved, Medifast will continue to help you to understand how to sustain the weight through their maintenance plans and by means of specific exercises. Medifast is not just a weight loss program, rather it is considered to be a lifestyle change. This is exactly why Medifast delivers results even once the program is over, unlike many other weight loss methodologies which end up causing sudden and rapid weight loss that often proves to be temporary.

Q5. Who can use the Medifast weight control program?MFSuccess

The Medifast weight control program is designed to be used by both men and women. The adaptability of the program to meet individual needs makes this a one of a kind program suitable to be used by everyone, whether they are in their twenties or their seventies.

What’s more, the Medifast weight control program can even be used by people with highly specific needs, such as people with type 2 diabetes and those suffering from gout. The Medifast weight control program can also be adjusted to fit the requirements of vegetarians, thus making it one of the most widely applicable weight loss program to date.



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