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How Personality affects your Weight

Most people don’t realize how personality can affect their weight. It’s not commonly considered, but just think about it for a minute. Our personalities follow us everywhere we go and are reflected in everything that we do. We use a different personality in every aspect of our lives, such as:Medifast Phoenix

  • When you are with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you have a certain type of personality. Many times, that personality is different, depending on your current condition or mood.
  • You may express a more concerned personality or compassionate personality when dealing with children.
  • At work, you have a more professional personality.
  • Professional people tend to adapt their personality to their profession, like with doctors, policemen, firemen, lawyers.

The point is: we adapt our personalities to whatever the need may be. Our personalities will even show with our habits such as television shows that we watch, foods that we eat, hobbies, what we believe in, and what we drink. Health is no exception. Our personality can greatly affect how we react to illness and how we manage our health.

Most people don’t think about their personalities affecting their health but they do. Our personality is our beliefs, our thoughts, our actions, and our feelings. Our health is affected by all of this. It would be beneficial if we, as a human race, realized the power of our personality on our health and in turn… our weight.

Different Personality Types and How They May Affect Our Weight

  • Reliable Personalities – This type of personality is dependable, as people rely on you, and it could be great for losing weight. People who are reliable will try to be on time, follow rules, keep records, which all could help produce a good healthy individual.Weight Loss Clinic Arizona
  • Quiet Personalities – Introverted people may be considered quite people. With this said, this type of personality may be really good at keeping their weight at a normal range. Most quite people like to read, watch television, or spend time listening and learning. By being this type of personality, they may comit to regular exercise and good diet.
  • Impulsive Personalities – You may have guessed that the more impulsive personality that you possess, the less apt you are to be patient enough to lose weight, eat right ,or even exercise effectively. The good thing about impulsive personality is that the person becomes aware of this, and he or she can begin to change to be more patient and heath conscientious. This type needs to stock up on fruits and vegetables instead of sweets.
  • Mixed or Moody Personalities – These personality types may be the roller-coaster personality. One minute they are up for eating right, losing weight, and may even start on a weight-loss program. Then, the next minute, they give up, eat an abundance of bad food, stop exercising, and forget all good that they intended to accomplish. These personality types need to focus on finding a balance and once accomplished for a long period of time, they may become better at handling health and weight issues.
  • Life of the Party Personalities – This personality type tends to be stressful at times to the point of eating excessively. They reach for comfort foods. It’s a good idea to not go to events or parties which contain lots of food in order to keep weight down.

When it comes to personality, you may be a night owl, a bookworm, or life of the party, or you could be a mixture of all. No Medifast Arizonamatter what personality type, you have the ability to become a focused, health-conscious person through research and study.



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