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How the Medifast Program Promotes Fat Loss

Weight loss programs usually consist of eating less than what is necessary for the body to function on a daily basis. The idea is quite straightforward, and Medifast is one of the programs designed to work based on this type of math. However, many weight loss programs have the important drawback of eating up muscle mass, instead of consuming the fat stored beneath the skin. This is just one of the ways Medifast is different from a lot of other weight loss programs.Weight Loss in Phoenix

Why is muscle lost?

In principle, following a calorie restrictive weight loss program should be a no brainer. As long as you eat fewer calories than needed, you will lose weight, and the fewer calories you will eat, the more pounds you will drop. All sounds fine, but just cutting down on calories with no other guidelines to follow can be a dangerous thing.

Muscle mass can be damaged by eating too little protein. Some think that by eliminating meat you will lose weight. This may be the case, but the pounds you will be losing will be from your muscle mass and not from the pounds of fat you abhor so much. Plus, you will be feeling fatigued all the time and you will become less and less healthy.

How is Medifast different

Medifast promotes a higher consumption of proteins accompanied by a lower consumption of carbohydrates. Protein is necessary for maintaining muscle mass and this is where this will go. The additional benefit with protein is that it staves off hunger, keeping you fulfilled for hours.

Carbohydrates are easily consumed when exercising, but they also have a drawback; they prevent the body from taking its necessary fuel from the stored fat. Actually, it can be very difficult to transform fat into energy, which is why the body prefers burning carbohydrates, instead. In the end, you can end up losing very little weight, even when exercising arduously, if your meals are too rich in carbs.

Medifast reduces the intake of carbs, while promoting protein consumption. As a result, you get to keep significant muscle, while maintaining your energy levels so you can exercise and enjoy more health benefits from the program.

Best Lose Weight Clinic PhoenixLess hungry, too

What is also important is the fact that Medifast helps clients feel less hungry, another benefit of protein consumption. Being able to exercise and burn fat, while still eating less than needed, is the ideal combination for healthy weight loss in Phoenix AZ.

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