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How to Get the Best Weight Loss Results

Getting weight loss results can seem as difficult and unrealistic as magic. With a flood of miracle weight loss pills and fad diets (none of which work), taking the step towards weight loss can be confusing and unsatisfying. But there is a simple way to get weight loss results, one so simple that most fitness professionals repeat it like a mantra to their clients. The key to weight loss can be summed up in one equation:
Calories (energy) In < Calories Out = Weight Loss

Simply put, you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. While this seems like an elementary concept, it Weight Loss Chandler AZrequires a great deal of planning, effort, and work for it to come to fruition. The key thing is that Medifast has already taken care of all the “heavy lifting” with a premier weight loss program.

There is no calorie counting or extensive meal preparation with Medifast. This work has already been done, and the Medifast brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

There are several factors to the calorie equation:

Calories In

‘Calories in’ refers to the food you eat. Maintaining a healthy diet will kick start weight loss, but it is not a simple endeavor. Changing a diet can be frustrating and emotionally challenging. Many people end up crash dieting, which can produce weight loss results but they are always temporary. When it comes to lasting weight loss results, slow and steady wins the race.

Studies have shown that slowly changing eating habits over time, like reducing your dairy intake or eliminating red meat from your regimen, can produce significant weight loss results and happier overall individuals. This is how Medifast works. By altering the foods you eat with Medifast, you will be eating foods that are healthy, filling and delicious.

Once the client has dropped the desired amount of weight, Medifast Weight Control Centers provides a transition period that teaches clients how to eat the proper foods for long term success.

Counting calories is also an effective way to moderate your diet. The problem with this is that the 2000-calorie daily recommendation is too high for most women. Nutritionists have discovered a way to determine how many calories an individual needs to eat based on their weight and activity levels. Using this, you can manage your caloric intake effectively.

While on the Medifast program, counting calories is actually unnecessary because it’s already been done.

Calories Out

Phoenix weight loss center‘Calories out’ refers to how much energy you use up. This involves everything in your day: from taking out the trash, to walking to work, to even the breaths you take. Burning more calories outside of daily life means you have to work out. Strength and cardio expend lots of energy, which adds to the calorie deficit. This means that working out causes weight loss.

If you burn more calories than you consume every day (or consistently), you will see weight loss results. It is important not to overdo any of these elements. Weight loss can’t be obtained overnight. Unhealthy weight loss is rarely if ever permanent, and usually causes an increase in total weight. Doctors describe a healthy rate of weight loss as no more than two to five pounds for the first couple of weeks and one to two per week thereafter.


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