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How Weight Loss Can Improve Digestive Health

by Arizona Medifast

Recent studies on bacteria located in a patient’s digestive system (gut germs) have a pronounced effect on the amount of weight that can be lost in a weight-loss program. An international team of scientists suggested that a fiber heavy diet can change the makeup of these digestive bWeight Loss Phoenix AZacteria, assisting people who are seeking to decrease their BMI.

Many scientists also consider these gut bacteria to be crucial and as important to a patient’s health as the immune system, and vital to proper nutrition according to the Texas A&M Health Science Center’s department of microbial pathogenesis and immunology.

Innovative bacterial therapies

People who suffer from obesity, or from a recently rapid weight gain seem to have one thing in common with the bacterial levels: they both lack the beneficial amounts or have none at all.  This had led to research on bacterial therapy to address these very low levels to reinstate a balance in the digestive system of the patient.

The basis is that any disruption in the gut bacteria (such as antibiotics or foods that induce only certain bacteria to grow) can have drastic effects on the entire network of systems of the body. Managing a healthy weight and diet choices can improve the gut’s flora and help maintain weight loss. Losing excess weight, eating small and frequent meals throughout the day, and drinking enough water to stay hydrated all play a role in maintaining the proper intestinal flora.

How can a patient improve digestive health?

Gastrointestinal disease and disorders are seen more frequently in overweight individuals. A weight loss program is one of the only surefire ways to counter progression of GI disease and is recommended by the American College of Gastroenterology. Women seem to have a tougher time with digestive tract issues and digestive health, as shifting hormones can cause disruptions in the body’s homeostasis.Medifast Phoenix

  • Eat vegetables with 25 grams of fiber a day. Whole grains and spinach are both high in fiber.
  • Eat colorful foods. Natural colors such as dark green and leafy, or yellow vegetables are rich in carotene and foliate which help keep the PH balance of the stomach in order.


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