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How Women Get Weight Loss Results with Strength Training

There is a place in every gym where most women dare not go (not just the men’s locker room). It is the testosterone zone; the padded black mat area where the free weights, benches, and barbell racks are located is almost exclusively a male domain.

This is not due to some policy put in place by the staff at the gym, but rather a self-imposed exile on the part of the female clientele. In most gyms around the country, women avoid the weight floor and head straight to their treadmills or their classes, all with the same mantra on their lips: “I don’t want to bulk up”.
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The truth of the matter is that ‘bulking up’ is not only a myth, it is pretty hard to accomplish.  Ask a female bodybuilder how long it takes to develop muscles like hers, and you will understand that the premise of bulking up doing three days of weight training a week is pretty farfetched.

Muscles burn Calories

Muscle is what moves our skeleton through space. It helps us walk, stand, sit, and turn our heads. Muscles also burn calories. So it is safe to say that a person with significant muscle mass burns more calories than a person who has the bare minimum. Adding muscle to your frame in addition to eating right and cardio exercises can double your weight loss.

Muscle looks Better

A pound of muscle is smaller (in size) than a pound of fat. This means that replacing your fat with muscle will slim you down. Not to mention muscle doesn’t jiggle as much as fat. The great thing about muscle building in women is that it is not as easy as it seems.

The development of big muscles depends on certain hormone levels in the blood, namely testosterone. Since women don’t have very much testosterone in their systems, it would take significantly more work to develop muscles that are overly large and unfeminine. Weight Loss Chandler AZ

Muscle gives you Energy

To be more precise, muscle increases your metabolism, making you feel more alert and energized. This means you will be able to get through your day and still give your cardio your all. This adds up to even more calories burned.  Having more muscle mass will offset your body fat percentage as well, which can help maintain proper hormone levels and insulin levels, all great benefits for your health.

These reasons and more are why we need to ditch the ‘bulky muscle’ myth. Women should not only use the equipment on the weight mat, they should feel good and comfortable doing it.


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