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Losing Weight as You Deal With Chronic Pain

If you have a medical condition such as degenerative arthritis, it is important for you to take some time and do a few exercises so as to help you lose weight. Even though you might not realize it, exercising and placing some pressure on your joints is actually beneficial in spurring on new cartilage formation. Too much pressure though, will simply exacerbate the pain. This is why it can be difficult to participate in activities for weight loss when arthritis is present.Best Weight Loss Phoenix

Exercises You Can Do To Reduce Pain

There are several types of exercises that you can do to help you move around easily and without that much pain in your joints if you have arthritis. Some of these exercises include swimming, cycling and walking to name a few. With swimming, your body is floating in water and you will not need to exert unnecessary pressure on your joints in order to elevate your heart rate appropriately.

With cycling, the activity is circular with the legs. The hip and knee joints benefit from the activity with stimulation of the synovial fluid and it is excellent for joint health. Also, the resulting weight loss can help reduce joint pressure along with decreasing pain.

Walking is also a low pressure activity that may allow an individual to lose weight that is tolerable to your degenerative joints. As a low tech activity, walking is also inexpensive and easy to accomplish while multi-tasking.

Activity Avoidance

Phoenix weight loss clinicOne of the tenets of degenerative arthritis is to avoid painful activities. For instance, if you are an avid skiier and arthritis makes the activity painful, it would be prudent to avoid that activity and switch to an alternative. This may include snowboarding for instance.

It is very possible to lose weight while dealing with degenerative arthritis. The key is to find activities that are tolerable, and perform them regularly.



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