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Losing Weight Before Your Total Knee Replacement in Arizona

In case you intend to go through total knee replacement surgery, one thing you may need to do is to lose weight. Why? Doctors warn that obese people are more likely to develop infections, and it may be difficult to properly perform your post-operative physical therapy being significantly overweight.

Increased Riskmedifast Phoenix

Any surgery comes with a certain degree of risk. However, in the case of total knee replacement surgery, such risks are double for obese people. According to health care professionals, obese people that go through this type of surgery are two times more likely to experience post-operative complications, especially infections. Also, revision surgery is two times more likely to be required for obese people going through total knee replacement surgery.

It used to be thought that total knee replacement on an obese individual would decrease knee pain and allow for increased mobility. This, theoretically, would allow for weight loss. However, research showed this did not occur. So dropping pounds prior to surgery should be accomplished instead.

Orthopedic surgeons recommend losing weight

It is very important that obese patients who are scheduled for total knee replacement surgery lose weight prior to the procedure. Even orthopedic surgeons recommend it, as they are well aware of the risks obese people are exposed to when it comes to the procedure.

Many surgeons actually make it a prerequisite for patients to lose weight prior to knee replacement if a certain BMI is present. One thing that the weight loss will show the surgeon is a willingness to participate in one’s healthcare actively. It can show one’s surgeon that you will be compliant with post-operative physical therapy, as that can generate actually 50% of the success.

But is it possible to lose weight under the circumstances?

It is true; for obese people suffering from terrible knee pain, only the idea of having to exercise in order to lose weight may sound like something from a nightmare and nothing less. However, with the help of specialized trainers, they can attain their goals without having to put their knee through additional strain.

Successful weight loss may take a combination of physical activity and altering one’s eating habits. 


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