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Losing Weight in your Hips and Thighs

In order to lose weight in your hips and thighs, you will have to lose weight all over your body. To make your hips and thighs appear slimmer, you will need to do the right exercises to tone them. Eating sensible meals and exercise will allow you to have slimmer hips and thighs.Weight Loss Phoenix AZ

Some adipose tissue (fat) is harder to lose than other fat in the body. Everyone’s body is shaped and made different, so some will diet and lose more upper body fat, while others lose more weight on the lower body.

10 Weight Loss Steps that Work

Step 1: Think about it – First of all, when trying to lose weight in the hips and thighs, keep in mind that it’s like losing weight anywhere on the body, and you will probably do just that.

Step 2: Record keeping – Keeping record of your calorie intake in a food journal helps. With Medifast, however, there is no need to count calories since it’s already done for you!

Step 3: Keep it safe – Losing one to two pounds a week is a safe weight loss. Your calorie intake depends on your body mass index (BMI) level, which is calculated by your height and weight. The weight loss with the Medifast program is already geared towards this steady weight loss with a program that is healthy and safe.

Step 4: Eat healthy – Concentrate on healthy foods. The Medifast weight control program offers food that is very healthy, while being delicious with over 80 food choices.

Step 4: Cut out the bad – Lessen your intake of sugar, salt, and fats.Weight Loss Clinic Chandler AZ

Step 5: Workout – Two to six hours of working out a week is beneficial. As you keep working out, you will be able to add more hours to your weekly workout.

Step 6: Enjoy your exercise – Do exercises that you find interesting and enjoy. Walking is a basic and wonderful way of losing weight. Bike riding, swimming, jogging are all ways to lose weight also.

Step 7: One on one sessions with a Certified Weight Loss Specialist. At each of the five Medifast Weight Control Centers in Arizona, you will meet one on one with Specialists who will provide advice, motivation and tips. This can help ensure sticking with the program and reaching your Phoenix weight loss goals!

Step 8: Exercise smart – Don’t overstress yourself while exercising. If it becomes difficult to talk when you are exercising, you are pushing yourself too hard.

Step 9: Build muscle – Strength training is important in losing weight and building muscle tissue. Muscles weigh more than fat, so if you don’t see a big weight loss, consider the muscles. Building muscles will help you to burn calories.

Step 10: Rest – Sleep at least eight hours every night. Many people can’t sleep eight hours and probably don’t need as much. So, anywhere from six to nine hours is considered normal. If you lack in sleep, you are in danger of gaining weight. Sleep deprivation affects hunger-regulating hormones. When they are interrupted, you could end up with cravings for rich, fatty foods that could interfere with your weight loss program. So geMedifast-logo-31-300x82t plenty of sleep, and remember, while you’re sleeping, you’re not eating.

Women and Hip and Thigh Size

According to many doctors, the hip, thighs, and even tummy weight gain, could be caused by a woman’s hormones. Mainly estrogen and progesterone are the weight gain hormones to consider, but experts still stress that a lack of sleep, not getting exercise, and how much we eat, play key roles in weight gain.

A woman’s ovaries are vital to her health, because they produce the estrogen and progesterone she needs to function normally. When balance of these two hormones is off, then health complications will arise. So, in order to keep the weight off of the thighs, hips, and the waist-line, a woman must keep her hormones in check.


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