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Top 5 Things To Know About Metabolism

If you are trying to lose weight or you want to maintain your current weight, your mind is probably filled with things like calories, carbs, fats, or when you will next be able to fit in a workout into your busy schedule… or even how great a chocolate bar would taste right now.

One thing that is important to consider when you are trying to lose weight or stay healthy is your metabolism. Not many adults understand what the metabolism is all about. Here are the top 5 things to know about metabolism.

canstockphoto11823391(1)1. Your metabolism is the way that your body processes the things that you consume, and how your body converts the things you eat and drink into energy. This is a two part process that never ends. It involves anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is when energy is actually created and stored. Catabolism is when your energy is released.

This two part system is controlled by the endocrine system, the system in your body which is in charge of many processes including the growth of cells, the growth of tissue, and the repair of reproductive function, and the regulation of mood. While you cannot directly influence how your personal metabolism works, you can control what you eat and how much you eat, as well as how much physical exercise you get. These three items will give you a great deal of power over the metabolism.

2. It is important to note that each person’s metabolism works in a slightly different way and therefore each person has to figure out their metabolic rates. This is better referred to as your Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR and it refers to having a fast or slow metabolism. Once you learn whether your metabolism is fast or slow, you can tailor the calories and foods you consume as well as the exercise you do to best suit your body.

3. Your Basal Metabolic Rate is an important component to how your metabolism works because losing weight requires you to often count how many calories you burn (remember that you burn calories even when you sleep and breathe; the brain takes 500 calories per day just to function). The Basal Metabolic Rate takes into consideration your age, gender, height, weight, and other factors.

4. There are online calculators you can use to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, or you can speak with your doctor about how to calculate it sMedifast Arizonao that you can keep better track of your energy expenditure throughout the day (otherwise known as how many calories your body burns and how many you need to consume to reach your ideal healthy weight).

5. The idea of a “fast” metabolism is really a myth; the metabolism rate is a combination of your muscle mass, gender, genetics, age, and more. If you skip meals or severely reduce how many calories you intake, your body will compensate by reducing the rate of your metabolism so that it can save as many calories as possible to convert into energy at a later time to handle all daily functions. If you consume too many calories without increasing your physical activities, your body will store the unused energy in the form of fat.

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