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Metabolism Boosting Secrets from a Top Phoenix Weight Loss Center

Metabolism is the mechanism that burns calories in the body. Enzymes in the body’s cells tear down food and turn the food into energy. This energy keeps everything functioning efficiently from the heart beating, the muscles moving, and even our brain thinking. We want to increase our metabolism in order for it to burn calories faster.Phoenix weight loss

Some people naturally have a faster metabolism, while others do not. Also, metabolism slows down as we age. However, the faster the body burns calories, the easier it is to lose weight. Therefore, we need to find ways to increase metabolism for effective weight loss.

We actually have a sufficient amount of control over our metabolism. Even though your body seems to be doing what it wants, due to genetics and gender, there are still things that you can do to increase your metabolism, and in turn… lose weight.

Drink Water

Drink a glass of water when you get up. It’s good for the whole body. Plus, if you drink from eight to twelve 8 ounces of water per day, it will keep your metabolic rate effective.

What happens is that when you drink cold water, the body has to produce more energy as it is heating up to warm the cool water, which in turn will burn more calories.

Eat Breakfast

Never skip breakfast, because when you do, your body goes into a starvation mode and the metabolism slows down tremendously in order to conserve energy. We all know that when the metabolism slows down, the body doesn’t burn calories and we will gain weight due to the sluggish state.

Studies show that people who ate a hearty breakfast gained less than two pounds on average over four years. People who ate nothing, or around 10 percent of their calories in the morning, gained around three pounds. People who skipped breakfast on a regular basis had a four and a half times the risk of obesity.

The Medifast program necessitates eating six times a day, so breakfast is definitely included. Do not skip it!

Drink a Limited Amount of Coffee

This one is a favorite among many people, because a lot of us like to drink coffee. This hot caffeinated beverage actually speeds up the metabolism over 16 percent. In a recent study, researchers found this to be true when coffee drinkers were compared to people who drank decaffeinated coffee. Because caffeine increases our heart rate and breathing, we are more apt to burn calories.Medifast-logo-31-300x82

Drink Green Tea

A beverage that even beats coffee in the morning is green tea! A faster metabolism loves green tea and green tea loves it. Green tea actually decreases body weight when you drink a sufficient amount. Some people need three cups a day, and others consume around five cups for results. After almost three months, researchers found that the tea is responsible for nearly five extra pounds off of the total body weight in study participants.

Eat Protein

The Medifast program includes a sufficient amount of protein, which is essential to weight loss and the ability to keep your muscle mass at the same time. Muscle needs more calories than fat because it burns more.

Go Organic

If and when you can, buy organic food products. Organic foods are grown without harmful chemicals, such as fertilizer and pesticides. This can help with your metabolism significantly as well.


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